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Hackers - How to detect and catch them

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I wrote this to help people catching hackers and helping their favorite servers, like I do on my favorite one.

Before starting, I wanna say that I hate hackers. They are cheaters, they don’t follow the rules and don’t respect the people. They don’t want to have fun, they just want to ruin other people fun. So, I’ll write here about most of the hacks and how to detect them. Sometimes is easy, sometimes is not.

Using a hacked client has very bad things. You can be banned from your favourite server or even worse, your minecraft account can be hacked, because some hacked clients have viruoses and malware and you can lose your account just by playing with a hacked client.

So let’s start.

X-ray: Allows the players to see through walls and find ores, caves and dungeons. Very used on survivor and factions servers. There are hacks, mods and even texture packs that gives X-ray so, unfortunately, it’s really common.   
How to detect?
How to detect? If you see a player mining directly to an ore and next he suddenly change their direction when he reach the target, and next he found another ore (diamond for example), that’s a reason to suspect. The easiest way to block X-ray hacks is installing Orebfuscator on your server. Orebfuscator will create fake ores and it will cause a lot of lag to X-ray hackers and they can’t see caves and etc. because their vision will be full of fake ores.

Kill Aura/Forcefield: Kill aura is a deadly hack. It will make you spin very fast, walk around the players and hitting them from far and very fast without failing. There is also another version of this hack called Forcefield, which doesn't make the head spin and it doesn't even need to aim at the player to attack him.        
How to detect?
 How to detect? It’s very easy to detect. If you see players spinning their heads and hitting fast without failing a single hit, that is kill aura. Even easier to spot if he is fighting more than 1 player, because he will be spinning from one side to another attacking both of the players. Attention: sometimes, if the player is lagging, it’s hard to say if he is really hacking.

Aimbot: Aimbot auto aims to the closest player (or entity depending of the quality of the hack). A lot of times is combined to kill aura.
How to detect?
How to detect? Very easy to detect. If the player spins around you and don’t miss a single hit it’s probably aimbot. Even easier to spot if he is fighting more than 1 player, just like Kill aura.

Anti-knockback: Self-explanatory. The player does not take any knockback from hits, explosions, arrows, mobs, etc.       
Spoiler - click to reveal
How to detect? It’s very easy to detect. Hit a player and if he does not take knockback it’s because he is hacking. Before reporting, I recommend you to see if the player was not lagging, if so it’s hard to know if he is really hacking or just lagging. Also, some servers have minigames where knockback is disabled, so check the games rules before accusing someone of anti-kb.

Anti-Blind: Self-explanatory. It’s only useful on games like Vampire Z, where you receive blind effect.
How to detect?
How to detect? Well, this one is hard to detect. You can try to see if they are running directly to players on Vampire Z or something. If the server does not have Vampire Z or other game that give blind effect, you don’t need to worry about it

Fly: You can fly like if you’re on creative mode.             
How to detect?
How to detect? Just open your eyes. If you have a survivor server and you see people flying that’s not normal. The only one problem is the lag, sometimes when the people are lagging they float a bit over the floor, but if they are going up and down and moving without problems that’s surely hacks. If you see the normal walking particles behind their feet when they walk on the air they are probably just lagging.

Fast eat: Self-explanatory. You just right click on the food and you eat it instantly. I works with potions too.
Spoiler - click to reveal
How to detect? If the player eat too fast, you can tell that it’s fast eat.

No slowness: You don’t slow down when you are running and eating, drinking potions, charging the bow and sometimes when walking on cobwebs.
How to detect?
How to detect? It’s very easy to detect. Just watch him on PvP. He will have to drink potions or eat, so if he is running and doing it at the same time he is a hacker.

Fast Bow: It makes your bow act like a machine gun. You shot the arrows instantly and very fast.
How to detect?
How to detect? Easy to detect. There aren’t any machine guns on vanilla minecraft, so if you see someone shooting very fast that’s Fast bow hack.

Anti-Burn: You don’t take damage from fire like if you have fire resistance potion.   
How to detect?
How to detect? First, check if the player does not have fire resistance potion. If not and he does not take damage from fire, he is hacking.

Glide: You glide like if you were using a parachute. This hack is very stupid because you still take the fall damage.
How to detect?
How to detect? In Minecraft there aren’t parachutes, so if you see someone gliding it’s because he is hacking.

Spider: You can climb walls like a spider.      
How to detect?
How to detect? When the people climbs walls without a ladder, they are using Spider hack.

Regeneration: You regenerate your life faster, but normally reduces your hunger faster. You still need to have the hunger bar full to regenerate life. Some hacked clients regenerates your health 100x faster.
How to detect?
How to detect? It’s a little bit hard to detect without using Damage Indicators mod/plugin. If you are using one of them, it’s easy to see that the player does not take almost any damage. If you aren’t using a mod/plugin, you can eat a god apple and try to kill him. If he does not die, probably he is using regen hack. He can be using a God Apple, but in that case he should have particles around him, so you can tell if he is hacking or just using a God apple.

Auto-armor: Automatically equips the best armor on the inventory when a piece of your armor brakes.
How to detect?
How to detect? If you are on PvP and you brake someone armor, he should stop fighting to equip the new armor, right? But if you brake someone armor and a new one appears on the place of the another and the player have not stopped to equip it, that’s probably Auto-armor.

Auto-tool: Automatically changes your hand tool according to the block you are trying to break.
How to detect?
How to detect? Watch the players mining. They should find dirt or gravel underground, and if they don’t stop mining, and they changes from the pickaxe to the shovel very fast (and vice-versa), they are probably using auto-tool. But it’s hard to detect because the two tools can be next to each other on the hot-bar. If you can do /invsee (if you have essentials installed) check if the tools are close to each other. If not, you can suspect that is auto-tool. But there are gaming mouses that have buttons on the side, and they can easily change slots without using hacks. So, for that reason, it's a little bit hard to detect.

Auto-sign: Automatically writes a pre-defined text when you place a sign.
How to detect?
How to detect? If they put signs with a lot of text very fast, you can tell that they’re using auto-sign tool.

Speedmine/Fast break: It makes you mine the blocks very fast, like if you have efficiency X or something.
How to detect?
How to detect? If they are breaking the blocks too much fast, they’re probably using speedmine. The lag can be tricky here, because when you are lagging, the other people see you breaking a lot of blocks very fast, and next you stoping for a while, etc.

Bow Aimbot: Auto aims the bow to the closest player/entity. It’s a modification of aimbot for bow.
How to detect?
How to detect? It’s much harder to detect than normal Aimbot. If you are fighting someone and he does not miss any single arrow, it’s reason to suspect. But it's hard to detect, because if you are running there is a chance of he fail, and there is people that are very good with the bow

Arrow Trajectory: It shows where the arrow will fall.
How to detect?
How to detect? I don't know any easy way to detect it. If you know, please tell me.

Fast fall: It makes you fall from buildings super-fast. You still take the fall damage.
How to detect?
How to detect? If you see people falling from buildings very fast (almost like teleport) you can say that is Fast fall.

No Fall-Damage: Self-explanatory. You don’t take any fall damage.
How to detect?
How to detect? If the players fall from things without getting hurt, they are using No fall-damage.

Brightness: It will light everything and you’ll not need torches. There is also a mod that does that.
How to detect?
How to detect? I think that the only way to detect is watch him when he goes to caves or mining. If he does not use torches, he can be using Brightness. Also you can check if he has night vision potions (or empty bootles), but using potions instead of torches is kinda stupid in my opinion.

Auto-Disconnect: It automatically disconnects the player from the server when his life his low.
How to detect?
How to detect? If you are on the middle of a fight and your opponent suddenly disconnects, he can be using auto-disconnect.Also, if you are an Admin, watch the console for disconnect messages like this:”illegal characters in chat”. Some hacked clients (not all of them) make that messages on console. Those people are probably auto disconnect hackers. To prevent this from happening on your server, install a plugin that makes the player lose their items when they disconect in combat (example: Combat log)

Nuker: Automatically breaks blocks around you. It works on survivor and creative.
How to detect?
How to detect? If you see people walking around and the blocks disappearing around her that’s Nuker hack.

Jesus: With this hack you can walk and run on the water.
How to detect?
How to detect? Watch the player and see if he can walk fast on the water.If you are on 1.8 or higher, there is an enchantment (Depth Strider) that can do that, so if the player has enchanted boots it can be a little bit harder to detect. If you can, use /invsee and check if their boots have that enchantment. If not, he is a hacker.

Speed/Sprint: You can move (run, walk and sneak) much faster.
How to detect?
How to detect? First, check if the player don’t have speed potion/effect. If not, watch him walking and running. If he moves very fast, he is using Speed hacks.

Criticals/Crits: Makes all of your hits critical hits, dealing much more damage.
How to detect?
How to detect? It’s hard to detect Crits hack. If you see the player dealing more damage than usual without jumping and hitting, it can be Criticals hack. 

Auto-Eat: Automatically eats food in your hotbar when your hunger reach to a certain level.
How to detect?
How to detect? Well, it’s hard to detect, but if you see a player that never eats is a reason to suspect.

Fast place: Place the blocks much faster.
How to detect?
How to detect? Watch the players while building, if they put blocks too much fast it’s probably fast place.

Tracers: It provides a line to the closest player, animal or another entity. It gives very unfair advantages on Survivor/Hunger Games.
How to detect?
How to detect? See if the player finds other players easily. After killing a player, they can change direction and find another player. It’s almost impossible to detect if you are still on the game. If you are on SG and you die, you can try to follow him from the air (most of SG servers have a function that when you die you can watch other people) and it’s a little bit easier.

Fast Ladder: Climbs ladders much faster.
How to detect?
How to detect? If the player climbs the ladder with an unusual speed (like if he was flying on creative mode) it’s probably fast ladder.

High Jump: Jumps higher like if you have Jump boost.
How to detect?
How to detect? Watch people jumps. If they don’t have jump boost effect/potion and they jump more than 1 block that is a hack.

Horse Jump: Always make the best jump possible in a horse.
How to detect?
How to detect? If you are on a horse race and someone always jump perfectly without missing an obstacle, that’s probably Horse Jump. But don't forget that horse jump is a skill and there are people that are very good, so it's not impossible to have great jumps without hacks. For that reason is quite hard to detect.

Anti-Invisibility: See invisible players and mobs.
How to detect?
How to detect? If you are an admin that is invisible and flying, for example, and another player keeps following you he is probably using anti-invisibility hack. But it's a little bit hard to detect because anyone can see the particles of invisible people (that's stupid, no? It should be fixed :P). If you suspect that someone is using this hack, be quiet without items or armor (nothing that can cause particles) and see if he can still see you

Safe Walk: Prevents the hacker from falling from blocks
How to detect?
How to detect? Check if the player never falls on parkour while they run or something. Remember that are players that are good on parkour, so it's a bit hard to detect. Also they can be using this hack on minigames like X-run.

Drop Inventory: Drops the items in your inventory very fast, including the armor, even if you are walking or running.
How to detect?
How to detect? If you see people droping items too fast, or running while they drop lots of items and the armor, he is using this hack.

Spam: Spam a message several times (every 5 seconds or something).
How to detect?
How to detect? For example, if a player is mining or fighting and is still spamming a message, probably he’s using spam hack because he can’t write and fight at the same time.

Mass TPA: It sends a /tpa request for everyone in the server.
How to detect?
How to detect? Try to know if more people received a tpa from the same person. If you’re admin, check the console and see if there is lots of tpa requests. It can be confunded with /tpall from essentials, but most of the servers don't allow that command for obvious reasons.

Force OP: Well, that’s a myth that unfortunately it became true. Some hacked clients have a password cracker with them. They can crack an admin password, become OP and ruin the server. Some people said that this is fake because you would need the server to be cracked (offline mode) and/or have an admin's/owner's minecraft password and email. But I prefer to keep it here and explain a little bit about it
How to detect and AVOID?
How to detect and avoid? To say the truth, I don’t know very well how they work. But I guess that it automatically tries passwords until found the admin password. So I recommend to use a strong and long password to be hard to guess.  If it takes too long, the hacker will probably give up. Also, some servers have a limit if tries, so the hacker will be kicked. If you already have been hacked, you can perm-ip ban the hacker. You can check the IP’s of the people that enter on the server. Unfortunately, most of the hackers know how to change their IP’s in 5 minutes, so watch out.
Force OP Book: That's another Force OP cheat. I didn't know about this, it was told on the commentaries. As far I understand, it allows the player to set a command to a book usin JSON formating and when you open it and click on the text, it performs a command, in this case the /op command.
How to detect and AVOID?
Simple, never click anywhere within a book.

Some tips when catching hackers:

- Have your screen recorder always ready. You can find a hacker at any moment.

- Never tell things like "nice hacks" because they can turn off the hacks at any moment. You can only tell that things after recording and have proofs. 

- Ignore when they call you "noob" and other names.

-  If possible, you can make "camping" and be on the safe area recording the hackers. Ignore when the people call you "camper". (Note: "camping" is not allowed on some servers)

- Optifine is useful. It makes your minecraft less laggy and also has zoom, which can be useful.

- Use PvP texture packs. They reduce the fire and give you a clean Gui and textures and make your pvp better.

- Don't use your precious items to kill them. Use cheaper items because you can easily lost them against hackers.

I hope this helps. Leave a diamond if you think this is useful :D. 

If you know more hacks and how to detect them, write them on the comments and I’ll probably add them into this

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Update #3 : by philips99 11/27/2015 5:58:22 amNov 27th, 2015

+ Updated the text, now it explains why you shouldn't use a hacked client (the risks of losing your account and being banned from your favourite servers).

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01/12/2016 5:34 am
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Thanks for 1000 views on PMC !! :)
11/27/2015 10:12 am
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Eat_your_bacon's Avatar
Very fun to watch!
11/28/2015 9:07 am
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Thanks for your feedback :P
10/10/2015 5:04 pm
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Starlight Glimmer
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I've seen a hacker once...on a CopsvRobbers server.. 

Hacks he used were:
Jesus hack

Also he said he had PERMISSION to hack.....
10/11/2015 2:59 pm
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10/08/2015 2:27 am
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Might want to check players for night vision potions, empty potion bottles, or potion particles when suspecting that they're using brightness settings/hacks.
10/09/2015 8:38 pm
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brightness hacks are a bit different from night vision potions. Also, in my opinion, using night vision potions instead of torches is kinda stupid xD.

but thanks for the comment, I'll think that I'll add it to the text too.

11/27/2015 10:38 am
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Brightness can be done in vanilla minecraft. Just edit the options.txt and change the Gamma value
10/06/2015 8:42 pm
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Histor the Noob
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Oh. There is a weird hack I have seen. I don't know what it is called, but it summons water around a certain area without World Edit.
10/07/2015 7:57 am
Level 30 : Artisan Dragon
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I don't know what it is, but I'll search about it :)
Thanks for reading :)
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