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Steve had been mining. He hadn't seen light for days. Seeing a stack of cobblestone in his hotbar, he made his way up. Alex greeted him with a hug. They didn't notice the steps or glowing eyes of Herobrine behind them. Alex went inside, Steve turned around and caught a 2-second glimpse. He was exactly like Steve but no pupils or an iris. Alex didn't believe Steve when Steve told Alex. Later that night Herobrine had set the two people's home on fire. Luckily, Alex had escaped. Steve, unfortunately, was stuck. Herobrine had trapped Steve with a fire ring and wood planks on his feet. Pinned down, Steve tried his best to tell Alex, but Alex couldn't hear.
What would he do??That's when he heard his dog, Wolfy, snap and bite at Herobrine. But, alas, Herobrine (of course) was not damaged. Then, Steve closed his eyes, and opened them. Everything was OK now. Wolfy, sleeping, Alex, making dinner. Steve told his neighbor, Bobby the Villager and Bobby said that many people called him "
"Herobrine" and that he made an illusion, or it was OK when you blinked your eyes slowly. Steve had also told everyone else.
When he told Alex, (his wife in the story), she said she was there too. Just then, Steve was pulled down into the mines. He was mining again. He knew he had no choice.Herobrine?!
Creditalex or whoever made the Stop picture =)

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03/02/2019 2:56 am
Level 1 : New Miner
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When that happens, you hear faint pistons, some clicking, a hiss, and then a door opening. You're going to ignore the hiss for now.
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