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Herobrine: A History- lovehermadly

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EDIT: The author has decided to do away with the nonsensical intro and decided his old posts should be more serious in nature. Additionally, the author does not believe in Herobrine, nor does he believe that all other Minecrafters should disregard his legitimacy as well. This article is merely documenting the history of Herobrine since 2010.


The earliest evidence of Herobrine dates back to 2010, when a user on the Creepypasta wiki posted a story. In it, he describes how he created a new world, and when he tried to craft something, he saw another player in the distance. His skin was the default, except with white eyes. After checking that the world wasn't a multiplayer one, the mysterious figure ran away. After trying to give chase, he simply dissapeared. Soon, the user started seeing strange structures in his world, like 2x2 tunnels lit by Redstone torches, and sand pyramids.

The player went on the Minecraft fourms to try and find other Minecrafters who had similar experiences. After posting a thread about the topic mentioned above, it was deleted. After posting another one, it was deleted even faster, with a PM from a user named Herobrine. It simply said, STOP. When he tried to go to his profile, the page 404'd.

The same player got an Email from another user, who said they were safer using Email, since the mods could read fourm user messages. He and a small group of members had seen the mystery man as well, claiming to have similar structures in his world, like 2x2 tunnels and such.

About a month later, the user got an email from his informant. The group had looked into the name Herobrine, and found it had belonged to a Swedish gamer, and after futher reasearch, it was revealed he was Notch's brother. After emailing Notch about the very subject, the user got a very short message:

I did, but he is no longer with us.

Despite this, Notch has confirmed he has no dead siblings. After this, the user didn't see Herobrine since the first encounter.


But it doesn't end there. In August of the very same year, a livestream was held known as the Brocraft stream, or as it is more colloquially known as, The Ghost In The Stream. It featured Herobrine throughout the stream, but he was a retexture of a painting, as he is flat in the stream. On the Minecraft Forums, a link to the stream was posted. However, the stream was deleted.

A second livestream was held later on, with Herobrine being featured again. But this time, a player fakes a game crash, and the stream redirects to a webpage, where it shows a picture of the default Minecraft skin, but with real eyes.

Herobrine: A History- lovehermadly

If you view the page's source, there are a jumble of characters and letters. If the non-alphabetical characters are removed, it creates a message:

It has been reported that some victims of torture, during the act, would retreat into a fantasy world from which they could not WAKE UP. In this catatonic state, the victim lived in a world just like their normal one, except they weren't being tortured. The only way that they realized they needed to WAKE UP was a note they found in their fantasy world. It would tell them about their condition, and tell them to WAKE UP. Even then, it would often take months until they were ready to discard their fantasy world and PLEASE WAKE UP.


Since these two incidents, Mojang has responded to the Herobrine story. At Minecon 2010, Notch confirmed he would be adding Herobrine into the game. Since then, he was asked if he would really do it on Twitter, but he said he has no plans for it whatsoever. Since May 2011, Mojang has trolled every player with the message on the bottom of every update:

Removed Herobrine.

After over half a decade, Herobrine has become two things:

1. He has become a joke, to which all Minecrafters joke about how "he will get you".

2. He has become a Minecraft icon, who can challenge the popularity of the Creeper and Steve.

Either way, since his birth, Herobrine has been featured in Fan-films, books, guides and other forms of entertainment.

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06/18/2015 7:24 am
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Herobrine isn't rlly "bad" forsay he's just a normal usual hacker, and if you dont believe that im not telling you to. Im just stating my opinion and looking from my side.
06/17/2015 5:19 pm
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Very informative!
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