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Words are power, words are feelings, words are love, words are everything...
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    Welcome to the Story Writers group!
    This group will write stories, books, poems and a bunch of other stuff
    We'll give feedback and ideas to other writers if they need them or want them
    This group is also a good place to practice your writing skills

    Even if you're a lousy writer, you're still free to join
    We accept members of any kinds, Level 1 to Level 109, the age of 13 until 99, and a bunch of other stuff
    You can post your books/stories here too

    List Of Things You Can Do Here:
    Share your stories, books, poems
    Post skins/mob skins or characters in you books/stories
    Improve your writing skills
    Make friends
    Have fun

    If You Need Help, Contact:
    Xx_Alone_1244 - Offical_xX

    Please Join!!! 😊
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    Can I join though I don't write stories?
    Yes, even though you don't write stories, you can join
    We also make skins, mob skins, maps, pixel art and host events
    Does this group make datapacks, mods and texture packs?
    No, we don't make any of those
    Can I publish something here?
    Yes, if you're a group member, you can publish something here by yourself
    If you're a follower, you can message KaiOceansword and he'll will publish it here
    Why Is This Group Offline? :(
    Well, today is one busy day, wait no, everyday is
    Can I Leave?
    Sure, but we'll miss you. Please comment in the Guest Book or Wall Post before you leave though
    Other Stuff
    Post in the Guest Book and not in the Wall Posts
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    22 January

    "Think smarter, not harder"


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    Daily Riddles From Blocky
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    1. No bullying
    2. No arguing very badly
    3. Always help each other
    4. Admins please don't do anything bad, or KaiOceansword remove you from your role of admin
    5. In an event, admins pls do not edit under permission of KaiOceansword and MrBrickExtra
    6. Stories must not have inappropriate content
    7. Do not swear
    8. If you want a story or skin added to Story Writers' Collection, please comment on Guest Book
    9. Have Fun! If not, I can't force you
    10. Admins please don't move the places of the Widgets, but you have permission to add widgets or edit them
    11. If admins want their story to be shared with the Story Writers, please add them into the Story Writers Book Collection. If it is a short story that doesn't have Part 1, Part 2, Part three like that, please please post as Story Writers. If it has Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 like that, you can post as yourself
    12. Absolutely please, please! DO NOT BE RUDE and please be kind.
  • Story Writers Book Collection

    Welcome To Talltale [CHAPTER ONE]
    The Undead (Season 6)
    The Undead (Season 1)
    The Undead (Season 7)
    The Undead (Season 3)
    The Undead (Season 2)
    The Undead (Season 5)
    The Undead (Season 8)
    The Undead (Season 4)
    The Undead (Season 9)
    Story By MrBrickExtra
    The Spider Who Paid Rent - A Greg Special ☼Popular Reel☼
    Trace's Exile - A Greg Special
    The Wizard's Wand (Season 1)
    The Undead (Season 10)
    Story By Major Victory
    The Universe loves you.
    My First FanFic - Escape the Past
    FanFic - Escape the Past II
    Into The Game | The Minecraft Series | Book 1 Ashtyn
    Defeated | The Minecraft Series | Book 2 Lindsay
    The Pillager King | The Minecraft Series | Book 3 Corner
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