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My Thoughts, Concerning the Mob Vote

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Zodus avatar Zodus
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Hello! It’s been a while, hasn’t it, & in all honesty it’s probably going to be a while before I do anything else on this site.

My debt between the Gods of Sanity has become too great, & as such they have robbed me of my motivation. All of it.

The fact that you are reading this is a miracle in & of itself.

My days have been spent longing to accomplish something, & yet, day after day I fail to accomplish nothing. However, I am not perturbed by this, as this problem will surely resolve itself in due time.

Anyways, the mob vote is happening soon, in fact, it’s happening tomorrow.

I won’t be the last to do this, & despite my skimming of the other blogs, I’m probably not the first either. But regardless, I’m going to give you guys my personal ramblings concerning the mob vote, based on what I’ve seen from others taking about it.

What I know about the mobs, how I think the vote is going to play out, & of course, my own choice for the vote.After all, nothing exists in the media that isn’t at least somewhat biased in one direction or the other, especially not this.

Bare with me here, this is the first idea I’ve had in eons.

The Glare

The first mob to be revealed. From what the video tells us, the Glare helps players by pointing out areas in which monsters can spawn. The intent would be to aid players in cave exploration, or when building large structures.

I like the Glare, when I first saw it I thought it was kinda cute, it fit the cave-aesthetic quite well, & if it wasn’t part of the mob vote, I’d welcome it with open arms. But, from what I’ve seen, the Glare probably won’t be winning the mob vote.

The argument against it that I’ve heard on multiple occasions is the apparent redundancy of its gimmick.

Many say that the Glare’s ability can easily be replaced with the use of the F3 menu, & with the coming changes in mob spawning, only spawning at light level 0 (in relation to block light, not moonlight), the Glare’s ability can be seen as even more useless.

People like megabuilders might say otherwise, as they’re part of a group that could actually benefit from the Glare’s inclusion. As builds get larger, dark spaces get harder to keep track of, the Glare could possibly help with this, pointing out such spots without the player having to search them out themselves.

But for the average player, I don’t see the Glare being nearly as useful.

I think the Glare’s usefulness ultimately comes down to the full extent of its behaviour. Like, how big is its range? Does it have to be able to pathfinder to that area, or can it just hover over unlit caves. If that’s the case it could actually be used to find things like mine shafts or dungeons (especially for making mob grinders).

We don’t know, heck even the devs probably don’t know. From what I’ve heard a lot of factors for these mobs have yet to be decided, & probably won’t be unless that mob wins the vote.

But still, unless someone rigs the votes, the Glare probably won’t win.

The Allay

The second mob to be revealed, at a quick glance, this appears to be the fan favourite.

As seen in its video, the Allay can be given an item by the player, it will then go off to collect more of that item. When full, it presumably returns, & drops its items at the player’s feet, or at a designated note block. It appears to be a hopper with all the nuances of a mob.

There also seem to be a couple of misconceptions floating around, for those who don’t know, it can’t dupe items, it can’t open chests, & it can’t break blocks. It only collects dropped items, it’s a hopper.

But it’s adorable as hell, & still has one heck of a use.

For typical players, I could see it being helpful when it comes to collecting things like saplings, farming, cleaning up unwanted drops, gathering up wanted drops, & so on.

For redstone savy players, well, I think a lot of them are quite excited for this one, adding to the list of people who are gonna vote for the Allay.

I’ve mostly heard talk of people using them as item sorters, specifically for unstackable items, which to my current understanding aren’t easily sortable.

I’ve also heard people saying that the Allay’s abilities are also redundant, & can be done with conventional hoppers & water streams. I guess my counter to that would be that Allays are more cost efficient in terms of materials, assuming they aren’t too hard to find.

Given their visual similarities to the Vex, it’s possible that they might share the ability to phase through blocks, which might be even more convenient as a pathway wouldn’t have to be made between their collection point & destination.

I could also see them being a pain to replace upon their potential death. Hopefully they won’t be too rare, I could see them spawning in forests or caves, I heard someone suggest soulsand valleys as well, due to their spirit-like nature.

I wouldn’t be too mad if this one wins the vote.

The Copper Golem

The last mob to be revealed, & my personal favourite.

Copper Golem FTW.

According to the video, the Copper Golem walks around pressing copper buttons. It also oxidizes like copper blocks, eventually resulting in a copper statue used for decoration, which sounds both funny & depressing as hell to me.

Like copper blocks, it’s confirmed that the Copper Golem can be cleaned & brought back to life (thank god). & yes, it does in fact attract lighting. It’s also implied that it can be waxed.

As for its function, it can easily be substituted in terms of redstone. I’ve heard the argument of the golem introducing “True RNG”, to which I argue that it’s as true as a chicken in a room of pressure plates; not to mention dispensers or droppers.

However, unlike the chicken & dropper, Copper Golems move with purpose, specifically looking for copper buttons. Systems could potentially be made where access to copper buttons are opened up or closed, forcing the golem to go to a specific button of the player’s choosing; though this system’s effectiveness hinges on the golem’s pathfinding ability.

Given that the golem oxidizes, it’s possible that the golem’s behaviour changes with each stage, perhaps it moves to new buttons slower, or maybe it holds down buttons for longer. The same could be asked about the copper buttons, perhaps the more oxidized they are, the longer they stay down, or maybe their redstone signal gets weaker with each stage. Again, these things aren’t confirmed, though it would make sense that machinery changes as it begins to rust.

I think what convinced me was the aesthetics of this guy. I can see people decorating their ruins or gardens with tiny little statues, I can see them running around people’s bases, running some kind of contraption, maybe opening doors. Perhaps people might create tiny little cities populated by these guys. Heck even just watching one run around in a room full of buttons connected to note blocks, lamps, & so on.

I’m sure others can say the same concerning the aesthetics of their pick.

This will be the first time I intended on voting in the mob vote.

So how’s it gonna go down?

I think it’ll be between the Allay & the Copper Golem, though I’m guessing the Allay will be more likely to win, but it can go either way.

Unless, of course, someone were to rig the vote.


I was gonna talk about this guy’s potential influence more, but hey! It appears that Dream has learned from his mistakes, & will not be advocating for any mobs this year, hopefully. Good for him!

I don’t really watch his stuff, but I never hated the guy. He just seems like someone who made some mistakes & wasn’t able to handle them properly. Which is fair, he’s mortal, just like the rest of us.

I don’t think anyone’s gonna be doing whatever Dream did last year, but I still think it’s possible for the opinions of other youtubers & streamers to sway the vote.
Though with Dream out of the way, it probably won’t be that big of an effect.

Regardless... out of the people I’ve bothered to look into so far:

• Tommy seems to be favouring the Copper Golem, the Glare being his second pick.
• Philza initially favoured the Allay & the Glare, but is ultimately undecided as far as I can tell.
• Ranboo doesn’t seem to care.
• Tubbo hasn’t stated anything to my knowledge.
• Technoblade never seemed to get to deep into Minecraft’s new updates, & as such probably doesn’t have an opinion on this.
• Charlie Slimesicle is simply being himself.
• & Dream is probably withholding his opinion, maybe he’ll reveal it after the vote, who knows?
• Oh &, DanTDM made a video on the mob vote, he seems to be going for the Allay.

& thus, we have reached the conclusion of this disorganized rant. I planned to go more in depth, but my brain can only retain so much information before it implodes.

As for me, I will be voting for the Copper Golem, & with the day of reckoning so close, I probably won’t be changing my opinion. Even so, it still pains me that all three of these mobs cannot coexist together in the base game. If I had it my way, I’d love to have all three of them. But this is a mob vote, & only the most beloved can win, now that no one will be interfering with that.

Anyways, that’s all I have to say, I wish you luck in the upcoming mob vote. Have a good day.

- Zodus
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