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I had prepared myself for the worst. The last time I had been in there, I had lost a friend. I don't want to talk about it. Right now the village needed someone brave to find out what was going on with their 'warmth gate' and I was the only one in the hall of guilds to accept such a quest.

In all honesty, my 'guild' is just me and my pets, my dog, my cat and my polar bear. Sometimes, I crave human companionship but I don't socialize. I don't want to talk about it.

Once I arrived, I told my dog, Coil, and my polar bear, Maritimus, to guard the village whilst my cat, Salem, made sure that no creepers or other mobs attacked or entered the portal. I wasn't worried about their safety. If they were knocked out, their special totems would spawn in my inventory. This isn't the time to explain that.

Finally, I mustered enough courage to go through the portal.

Once I stepped out, I had to dodge a fireball because Ghasts exist. I knocked another fireball back and ran to relight the portal before another Ghast appeared. I marked it on my Nether map. That was when I realised the Nether was cold; not dark-and-scary cold but ice-but-hot cold.

I followed my map to what was marked as the hottest place in the Nether (I almost fell in the lava thrice) and found that it was even hotter than it was before. So I reached down to feel the Soul Sand and almost got burnt by the lava that was beginning to form there.
I ran to higher ground and began looking for a crimson forest to gather the purple, flame-resistant crimson planks that I would need to make a lava boat.

As I rowed out to safety I took a breath and smelt a wither rose. It's putrid, perfume smell choked me causing tears to form in my eyes. If it weren't for the boat's tipping, I wouldn't have noticed that the lava in the Nether was stopped at one point that I had rowed to.

As I fell I broke the boat, so that I could keep it; searched my inventory for a potion of Slow Falling; grabbed the potion and drank it. I was literally two blocks away from my death when I finished the potion. When I hit the ground, the Nether felt ice-cold.

I looked up to see a Wither which had a head for it's core. The head was that of my old friend Hikaji (or Hi Kaji for the memes). The wither quickly started shooting frozen skulls at me from its main head. I dodged them and saw the Wither teleport, like an enderman, behind me. I barely dodged another ice skull.

The next ice skull aimed at me was hit back by the same shovel which killed the wither the first time. Hikaji's shovel.

It was five years ago when we first came to the nether. Hikaji had told me to try and stay cool by using his Frost World potions especially when I got hit by a fire based attack. He also told me to use his Wither Bane enchanted sword to kill all things made of Wither Matter. I was worried he might get injured since he only had his trademark shovel with him. I wasn't expecting him to die saving me. We were looking for a Wither to make something for Hikaji's latest invention. I found it first.

The Wither would have died by my explosive arrows alone but it decide that it will but up an explosion proof shield instead of the usually arrow proof shield I had read about. It bounced an explosive arrow right back at me together with a Ghast fireball, from the Ghast I fought before finding the Wither, and a Flame Skull. Hikaji jumped in the way and knocked back all the projectiles with his shovel. Then he grabbed me and ran towards the wither while it was distracted. He told me to aim for the Wither's center skull. He then stabbed at it with his shovel. The Wither summoned some skeletons but I took them out easily and returned my aim. My focus returned to the Wither a bit too late. The Wither had shot him at point blank range. I saw him get obliterated before I was blasted away by the sheer force of the collision.

And now here he was killing the Wither before my eyes.

The lava started rising but I grabbed him and put him in my boat and rowed out with him. We returned to the overworld and found the village being pillaged.

"What a great time to finally leave there."

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