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History of Herobrine

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mati8120's Avatar mati8120
Level 27 : Expert Skinner
History Part 1
It was noted that Herobrine escaped from prison in which he was found out that lightning which killed a guard and caused a hole in the grating recording heard Herobrine: Time to kill Notch and Steve when Steve saw this video froze not knowing what to do called Notch and told him everything both 'm trying to stop
Herobrine be continued
Polacy czytajcie to po angielsku lub napiszcie bo jak przetÅ umaczycie to wyjdzie bÅ edna historia na pisaÄ do mnie na PW to powiem prawidziwÄ po polsku


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10/18/2013 3:39 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Alexisminecraft's Avatar
I was just attacked my Herobrine DO NOT ATTACK HIM!!! He destroyed my house and killed me and took all my stuff and spawned the most hideous thing in minecraft!

I call it the GhastWitherDragon, Half Ender Dragon 2 quarters Wither and 1 quarter Ghast.

Note: Also screams like a Ghast and can brake all blocks includeing BedRock!
09/09/2012 8:53 am
Level 27 : Expert Skinner
mati8120's Avatar
I have such a history of doing and what
09/09/2012 6:50 am
Level 26 : Expert Toast
mroll5's Avatar
Holy crap dude that didnt make any sense at all...mostly because there werent correct punctuations.
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