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Μοhεηjο-Dαℜο ~ Hℑςοℜϒ ~ Οhαℵα

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It was a dark and windy night as the town of Mohenjo-Daro slept. Little did anyone know that this was their last night. As the ground shook violently, one small girl started to cry. Her mother and father tried to comfort her while getting her out of their home. When the little girl wouldn't move from the corner of their mud brick home, her father scooped her up and ran out of the house with her in his arms.           

                 She sniffled. "Daddy," she said, "I don't want to die!" He reassured her that they would be okay. He told her that her mother whom she loved so much was waiting for them in their boat. The small family planned on using their boat to collect up as many people as possible and float down the Indus River. The ground shook again, and the girl's father almost dropped her. She screamed and started to cry again.          

                    The little girl asked her father, "Is this what an earthquake feels like?" Her father had felt one before, and told her that yes, this was the same. Since her father was running, trying to quickly get to their boat, the small girl told him that she had caught sight of her mother and a few of their neighbors scrambling aboard their boat. The small girl shrieked as a large building collapsed behind them. It has been one of their citadels, a shelter in case someone tried to attack their small city. When they almost reached the boat, the ground shook with such force that the girl could fell the rumbling sensation in her chest. She sobbed into her father's shoulder, muttering how she didn't want to die. With one last large stride, the girl and her father reached the boat. He helped her in, than turned around. She screamed, asking him what he was doing, and wondering why he wasn't getting in the boat.

                      He softly told her, "I must go back into the town to gather more people." With that said, he kissed the top of her head, kissed her mother, and bolted into the city. The little girl screamed for her father to come back, for she feared he wouldn't come back. Buildings were starting to catch on fire, lighting up the destruction, making the small girl cry even harder. She cried for their town, but mostly she cried for her father. She didn't want him to leave.

                      Her mother stroked her hair. "Daughter," she said, "Your father will come back to me. He has told me he will get on another boat with more friends. We must start down the river, do you understand?" The ground shook again, and the little girl nodded her head.

                       "I understand, Mother." she managed to say. As their mother used a large stick to push the boat off of the shore, she saw another building go up in flames. She closed her eyes. She didn't want to see the broken city anymore. She found her way to her mother and rested her head in her lap. Still sobbing, she started to drift to sleep. When she finally opened her eyes again, she found that it was daylight. She asked her mother where they were and her mother told her that they were almost to the shore of Babylonia. This is where they were supposed to meet the girl's father. When they approached the land, they explained what happened to some friendly Babylonians.

                       They all were very kind and lent them sleeping mats and a change of clothing. When the little girl was changing her clothing, she wondered where her father was. When she walked outside of the Babylonian home, she saw the most amazing thing; her father had made it out of Mohenjo-Daro alive! She ran into his arms, so happy she was crying.

                       He kissed her head and said, "I told you I would make it back to you and your mother!" The girl was still sad, though. She was sad that her whole city was broken and had to be fled. She was sad that not everybody made it out of the earthquake. She was sad that she would never be able to go home. When she mentioned this to her mother, she said, "Be thankful that we are all alive. Family is all that anyone needs, okay?" "Okay," said the little girl. So, the little girl and her mother and father settled into their new Babylonian life and all lived long and righteous lives.

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So yeh.

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