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Level 33 : Artisan Network
Here is where you'll find the latest Server reveiws from the HC review crew!

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April 4th, 20116 - Minr.Org - IP: Zero.minr.org

Offical website: http://forums.minr.org/

minecraft server IP: Zero.minr.org

I recently got to go check out this server blackhatGAMER (not sure how i head about it.. i think thru a member of our community?) If you have'nt heard of this server, then i highly recommend that you favorite there server IP into you minecraft launcher.

Most of the minecraft servers that you'll find out there primarly focus on survival, creative or pvp games like hunger games or kit pvp. A lot of servers will use the factions plugin. Or, perhaps you'll run into some

mini-game servers that offer the standard games like spleef , spleeg and speedrunner or some other variants on these. The majority of minecraft GAME servers will do nothing but BEG you for Donations or to buy kits to get a leg up on the competion. But, occasionally, I'll find that one minecraft server that truly tries hard to create a free to play mentality. Minr.org PROOVES that you CAN be a great and successful server without the need to resort to pay to win tactics.

Zero.minr.org as been around for over 5 years now ( during the time of this article) which is a very impressive feat for ANY server. I only know of a handful of servers that live past the 2 year mark before shutting down. Ushually its because they dont get enough income to keep it going long term. Hypixel and mineplex are pretty much the death killers of all other servers. So, for a server to beat the odds and last this long. ..and STILL have a very regular fan base really says a lot about the community , the minecraft serverand the owner as well.

(Servers spawn as of March 27th,2016)

The primary focus of this server is on parkour. though, there are other challenges as well such as mazes, or small adventure games, or parkour/maze mix challenges. Mostly though, it appers to be parkour coming out the wazoo! A LOT of the parkour maps were created by members of there community. By opening up the server to allow the community to pitch in and make maps, he's been able to grow a massive network of parkour maps and challenges.
A team called the "GREEN+" community act as quality control to ensure that only the best challenges and maps make it onto the offical server. Basically, when a player submits a map or challenge. it is then reviewed by other GREEN+ members who will decide if the map is a good fit for the community and website.
I think its really enjoyable the way the server owner as opened this aspect up to the community since it makes all the challenges different and unquie since a various amount of players and people are putting these maps ogether, Thus brining there own spin or challenge to the maps.

(one of the parkour maps. looks like a scene from one of the sonic the hedgehog games)

A LOT of the maps you'll see in this server or very nicely detailed. There nothing to par with hypixel or mineplex. BUT.. there still very good maps and designs with massively varied themes to explore thru.

( seen in there musuem world - Theres a lot of pixel art in that map)

Where I feel the server really hurts itself is in the fact that they don't use multiverse. They only have 1 minecraft world where EVERYTHING goes. meaning,
overtime, this CAN become crowded meaning they either will have to start removing things or really traveling to the farlands of the map to find space to build
and test game ideas. For example, there museum world -which I personally liked exploring - could have had a better setup for navigating by simply creating it as its OWN separate world where the player is in creative mode but WITHOUT build permissions. Thus allowing the player to explorer much ,... much easier. Everything in the museum world are builds by the community that are really cool, but just not mazes, parkour or challenges. Still worth checking out though. the advantage of using multiverse ( I know from personal experience) is that they would be able to allow community members to work privately on there own games using custom landscape to create better scenery. Those maps could then be uploaded for all to enjoy.

(ugh, not sure how to solve this one? seen in the FFA+ lobby. This is the COKE maze)

One of the mazes i went into called the COKE maze was.. MASSIVLY insaine! I raged quit on it a few times cause i just couldn't figure it out. The player who made it did a great job at making an impressive maze map. But, that was just ONE of the many mazes you'll find at the lobbies.

(the FFA+ lobby, the 'troll maze adventure')

They offer some really impressive minecraft maze/parkour adventures too.
I had a hard time figureing out the troll maze. Its really got some neat scenery as well.
many of the maps again, are like this. great scenery to enjoy.

Though, they dont use the traditonal "ESSENTIALS" plugin that we've come to expact on most servers, there setup is still very easy to learn and navigate thru. It is a bit annoying though when you have to /kill yourself to go back somewhere. Or.. the fact that they have basically about 4 diffrent lobbies, it can sometimes be frustrating navigating around. but, i guess that is to be expected with a 5 year old server. They change spawns and forget to change all the tp's signs and 'warp' signs to go to the correct and new locations.The lobbies for the games themselves are fine. its just a small hiccup here and there with TP'ing OUT of some of the maps and challenges since it will say 'that location is no longer available'...
Update: The reason you will see "This checkpoint is no longer available" in some areas is because the server recently updated there core plugin after a really long time, and some of the things that were outdated were cut out. So, it will no doubt take some time to go thru and fix those things that have broken due to the update.
(ugh, I know that feeling. I updated my community server to 1.9 and then had to take 3 months doing nothing but updating tellraws :/ )
One of the mazes i went into called the COKE maze was.. MASSIVLY insaine! I raged quit on it a few times cause i just couldn't figure it out. The player who made it did a great job at making an impressive maze map. But, that was just ONE of the many mazes you'll find at the lobbies.

(just some of the random stuff you'll see around the various lobbies.)

Overall, this server has a really nice healthy mix of parkour, mazes and adventures. There's enough on this server to keep you busy and coming back for more exploring for at least year, and in a year. There will no doubt be all new maps
and venues to explore.

Hope you enjoy, and if you get a chance, let the server owner know i sent you :)

January 9th, 2016 - ORIGIN MC - IP: pvp.originmc.org
Article By: SUPER_X_Sa1ntz (HC Review Team Member)
For more informaiton about the server go here: LINK


Origin MC is one of the biggest Faction PvP servers out there hosted by the owner Sudzzy, having a maximum of 600 players! Origin MC started out at the beginning of 2014, and their goal was to create a good server that is all about combat, base raids and teaming up. They believe that PvP is a big part of Minecraft and it is, so they wanted to make the best experience for the players (you) so they have made their server as fun and deadly as possible by introducing massive combat experiences with no restrictions, TNT, Power Armour, Cannons, Raiding and plenty more, really the options are nearly endless.


When you spawn in for the first time, you will spawn in some kind of a tower, you will then have to make your way down to the bottom which isn't hard at all. Once your at the bottom you will then see 2 buildings Red and Blue, you will then have to make a decision whether to join the Red team or the Blue team. After choosing you will then be teleported to another spawn, and that spawn will become your official spawn. For the first time it's a little hard to find stuff around the spawn, but once you get used to it you will be comfortable with it and locate things easy. The spawn will have some player and admin shops in, the spawn will also have a variety of warp signs allowing you to teleport to different locations like the admin shops. The design of the spawns do look amazing and the designs are the same for each team just different colour for different teams.

Server Rules

The rules are pretty standard, usually the same as other PvP servers. They have tried to make the rules less stricked as possible, so that the players have more freedom to do what ever they wanted to do. But as you know there has to be rules to have a good server, and I think that these rules are acceptable/appropriate because they don't really effect the players experience and they're easy to abide.

1. Griefing, Stealing, and Scamming is allowed!
2. No use of any mods/hacked clients which give you an unfair advantage.
3. No taking advantage of exploits/glitches, report them immediately.
4. Spamming, advertising, and racism is not allowed.
5. DDoS/Dox/Hack threats / Attacks are an instant perma-ban.
6. Please do not disrespect staff, as we try to respect all players unbiasedly.
7. No cobble monsters/lag machines of any kind.


The economy is average for a PvP server. They have both admin and player shops, giving the players more freedom to buy and sell what they want. From what I know they have no restrictions on what you can and can't sell, so that's great! The server also has a lottery system so that the players can buy tickets with in-game currency and have a chance on winning big amounts of in-game cash, although that's not the only way players can make in-game cash, there's player shops like I said, and you can also kill people to earn some cash as well.

The Community

The server has a very active community, most of the community is really nice and friendly but there's always some people that aren't that nice. But as you know.. it's a PvP community so I can 100% confirm that there will be raids when the opportunity is right so be careful. You might have to start to make friends and team up, just to feel a bit more safe, but don't forget, your still vulnerable.

The Owner

The owner Sudzzy seems like a nice person. From what i've heard he works really hard on the server and keeps it clean. He/she wants the players to have the best experience as possible so he/she works very hard on trying to accomplish that goal.

The Staff

The staff are sometimes active, I have heard that some of the staff want to help the server to become the best, so they try their hardest to be polite and help any players that need it. Although i'm not too sure on all the staff but i'm sure they're great.


Overall I think the server is great and much fun, I did get to test out my fighting skills and yeah I learnt that I should probably never PvP again :) but do keep in mind I haven't tried everything out. So why don't you get over there and try it out for yourself and tell me what you think :).

What do you think of the server?
Leave a comment down below and we'll make sure the server owner gets those comments :)

July 21st,2015 - DestinyRaids - IP: DestinyRaids.us.to
More Info Can be Found here: LINK

Owner: Jack

This server appers to primarly cater to Adults only
Curseing is allowed and can ushally be seen in chat from the Staff
and from players.

As with all Faction serevrs, the goal is to form teams, create bases and then...
Raid others...

What i enjoyed most about my time on the server though was the lack of OP raiding.
Which also makes collecting and holding on to great loot all the more important.
And when you lose it, well..... Its a more likely you'll want to rage quit.
Caue this is NOT a beginners Faction server.

Getting into the meat of the server though.
Heres what our team liked and didn't like about our time on the server.

What Our team liked about the server.

1- Community! This server has an active community. There freindly and lively in chat.
though, they like to raid. and they will NOT hesitate to trick you or raid your
base if given the oppurtinity. But, they wont take offense when you do the same.
Cause thats what the server is about. If you stay on this server for any period of
time. Its going to happen so be prepared for it. But, the fact that the majority of the community stays and continues to lose it all. and start all over again.
REALLY says alot about the atmosphere of the community.
You can curse, raid, be a jerk. and still come back the next day and be freinds
with everyone, no harm done.

2- The owner. UNlike some server owners. This owner, enjoys a bit of sarcasim.
In the time on my server, i met people having a lot of fun and jokes at the
owners expense, yet no one was banned. The commroderty on the server is very fun.
But again, this server is geared towards adults. so, the owner as generally learned
how to let sarcasim and the rare mean remark role of his back.

3- A /warp help area.
Seriously, EVERY SERVER needs to make one of these! WHile his help area is'nt the
BEST i've see. It does do a decent job explaining the in's and outs of the server
and what you can and can not do. Though, my only advise would be to
instead put the information into book form instaed of having it
written all over the walls on signs.

What we didnt like:

1- ADMIN shops. This is a number one turn off for our team.
EVERYTHING can be Bought and sold to the admins at /warp shop.
They have a 'auction' plugin. But, few people actually use it
since you can just buy and sell to the admin shop to earn money.
Our team is generally against 100% admin shops since they take away from
a real economy feel on a server and prevent players from learning
to interact with eachother.

I've seen several faction servers that have player to player economy setups and they work very well. Its fun to watch players decide the price on items over admins.

2- No random TP plugin. Most Factions servers are offering this as a standard
accross the board plugin to make it a little easier to get started.
OUr review team travel for almost 15 minutes before any of us could find
a place to get wood, food, and start a basic fort.
Meaning,.... you have to be very paitent. and then when you come on
the next day and find your location raided, It can be very frustrating.

3- SPAWN is nearly devoid of information. Though the spawn is nice and well
designed, there is no basic information shown at spawn.
The fact is, sometimes players forget what the server offers.
SPAWN is meant to give information to players incase they forget.
but, ALL information is found at /warp help (which isn't mentioned at /spawn)
you ONLY learn about /warp help when you FIRST join the server.
After that your own your own guessing what commands you can use and can't use.

Some other minor things that we found cubersome was that wait times to teleport home
to get to your faction base, you had to wait 10 seconds.
Considering that the factions plugin if setup properly dosnt allow the /f home command or
other commands if blocked if inside enemy teritory it seemend a bit of an extreme wait time.
There were minor issues with Lag as well. but, its was extremely minor and hardly noticed.

Overall, it was a fun experince. I built a base and was able to get started
not far from /spawn and ..well, i've not been raided yet even though the server
is fairly active. So.. thats pretty encouraging news
June 29th, 2015 - Nimania - IP: mc.nimania.net
More info can be found here: LINK

Owner: Zaxoma

What i love most about Zaxoma, is that he dosnt stretch himself thin
by focusing on creating a faction/prison/mini-game server

It seem like too many server owners are attempting to create 3-1 servers
and failing at all of them because the dont have the staff or time to dedicate
to all 3. So what ends up happening is that all 3 use basic default settings
and dont improve or offer YOU the player anything beyond the ushal flare of whats
expacted from those servers.

Nimania is a new breed of Faction server that tries to stand out
by changing how things are run.

For starters, He introduces quests which he as personally been working to create a fun story with. Each quest will allow you to find new and amazing places to explore

The Rules are simple and easy to follow. Your allowed to grief and raid
(since it IS a factions server)

Spawn is beautiful and fun to explore.
Everything you need to know about the server, you can find at spawn.
From faction commands, to the market setup to the random teleporter to the
quest tutorial. its all right there in an easy to find setup.

The Economy on Nimania does very well for its size.
The problem with many economy based servers is that, UNless you
have the player base to back it up, Your going to have a hard
time creating a player based economy.
Zax tries to fix this issue by only offer a few BUY only items (and at HIGH prices)
at spawn. You cant sell ANYTHING to spawn. or the ADMINS.
Instead you do /market create with an item in your hand, then.. set the price and amount
and wait for it to sell.

If it dosnt sell in 1 week, then the server automatically clears the item and
pays you. Meaning.. you have to wait a week for you income if NOONE buys
but.. normally, someone ends up buying.
To access the market you just do /market listings and check out
the available items people are selling.
Its very fun and allows you to sell items when your offline without
worrying about rather someone will find your shop or not.

This is a PvP server so there is no protection beyond spawn and the
basic 3 towns that are setup for you to explore at.


June 23rd,2015 - Them Finicky Gods. - IP: Whitelisted

More Information can be found here: LINK

NOTE: this server is still in BETA testing.
with not offical release date.
You must be whitelisted to be able to join it.

Recently, a freind of mine Mr.Zybez Invited me to
come try out a new type of server That he's been working on
with some others.so i hopped on, this is what i discoverd....

When you think of a Factions Server. What do you think of?
PvP, warfare? claiming land, growing your faction?
Creating your own faction?

This is pretty much the way that 100% of faction based server run there show.
The concept is simple.

1- create a faction.
2- get people to join your faction.
3- claim land, conquer and raid other factions.

Mr.Zybez is aiming to re-write how we think of gameplay
on typical Faction servers be creating a new concept.
And it surprisngly simple on the surface.

It goes like this,
1- Join the server,
2- Choose from 1 of 2 available PRE-MADE factions
3- help claim land for your faction so you can grow in power.
4- conquer lands from your enemy faction.

I really cant explain fully in words how amazing this concept works.
I think the best way to describe it would be,
Planetside meets Minecraft.

The server currently has 2 available pre-made factions that you can chose to join.
you DON'T create your own faction.

Its a concept practically UNHEARD of on a Factions server!

This server isn't about griefing, building, mineing, buyng, selling...
its about one thing. Claiming land. Growing your chosen faction and
claiming more land.

What i like the most about this idea is that it creates a sense
of community.

He tries to go for a bit of realisim in the build designs too
and in the economy. No admin shops. no random Teleports.
Bookshelves that have gamelore and player written stories in them,
A clean chat that dos'nt bother you every 2 seconds with annoying pop-ups
and reminders to vote. no "EXTRA" fluff on the screen to distract you.
Quests given from NPC's that help you find better loot and earn extra
abilities for your Faction.

Theres more to this server than i was able to check out in a hour review.
If you'd like to follow and keep up to date or even help out with
testing this server, contact Mr.Zybez @ LINK

May 28th,2015 - FilleCraft - IP: mc.fillecraft.com
More information can be found here: LINK

RATING: D - Due to Lag, poor spawn design, and no help tutorial

When joining a server for the first time,
theres 3 things that you need to make sure to have before you
advertise and make your server public.

1- RULES. They need to be clearly seen and easily understood.

2- SPAWN needs to be able to catch, and IMPRESS the player who
join your server and give them a reason to stay.

3- HELP. you need to have a system that easily explains to your players
how land protection/grief protection works, how the economy works(if you have one)
and any games, and comamnds available for players to use should be
clearly explained.. Most servers do this be adding to a starter/welcome book.

This server fails in 2 of these regards.

WHen you first join the server, your HIGHLY encourage at /spawn to use
/RTP (random teleport) to start your adventure, Unfournatly, the plugin version
he's using is buggy and flawed. After you use it, The lag is so bad you have to wait
atleast 3 minutes before trieing to move.

You can use /warp pvp or /warp wild. But, both these warps are NOT in protected land claims, and they have been griefed.
When teleporting to both, i found myself deep down in a cave, with no way to get to the
surface.(not pickaxe to mine the stone with)

They use Towny to claim land, and have an economy setup which means it costs you
money to create a town and you will be taxed.

They use Auctions & signshops for there economy.

The problem, is.. not enough people are useing this server yet, to make
auctions plugin worth adding,
And its not Explained ANYWHERE at spawn that players can create chestshops.

Theres no admin, or chestshops setup to sell basic items like
diamonds, or iorn at spawn. Meaning, Theres no way for you to currently earn money

Unless you vote, or you BUY funds from there DOnor Shop.

ANother MAJOR issue i took note of is that there donor shop
allows /fly command. NOn-donors apperntly are not allowed to use /TPA comamnds
or /sethome commands.

The spawn area is very small. COnfined.
CObblestone walls line the spawn area, meaning, the ONLY way to get out and
explore is to use the buggy/glitchy /TPR command or the griefed

2 Really cool things i noted on the server that were reall nice though
was a plugin they use that allows crafting items to be quick and easy to do.
Basically, click on a crafting table, and a GUI shows up with items your able to
craft based on items in your inventory. If you have logs. you can crat wood planks.

if you have sticks, and stone.. you'll see swords.. pickaxes, and stoves.
Very nice plugin.

Also, if you place a chest down..ANYWHERE, it is automatically protected from
theft and grief.WHich is nice too.
but, can lead to people just placeing chests ALL over the map... a form
of TROLLING. they leave.. and now all these chests are all over your map
that cant be broken by other players.
This server uses all the FUN plugins that make for a great experince on most servers.

PLUGINS do NOT make the server.

Unfournatly, this server Gets a D-Rating due to its Major Lag issues,
poorly designed Spawn, and a bad setup for the economy.

May 11th, 2015 - CreationNation - IP: creationation.eu

More infomation can be found here: LINK

Every server has its pro's and cons.
you have to way rather or not the pro's out weigh the cons.
so, lets get into it:

Within the first few seconds of joining the server i was welcomed by all the
players that were on the server. One of them invited to his plot to play some
mini-games he had created. Staff was online during the visit and they were
very freindly and helpful.

IF your looking for a creative server to help inspire you to be a better builder,
then you've come to the right place! The community has built several amazing
and detailed buildings all over the map.

This server has only 1 world, PLOTS.The plots are in that sweet spot of being JUST the right size. Not too big, not too small. Perfect for those that want to mess around and
build. You can even claim plots nearby (that are empty) and connect your plots together.
for a bigger building area.

A large plus are the commands that are given to the player right off the bat.
speed commands, tpa commands, /sethome commands. All very helpful for exploreing
the massive plot world.

they have some fun plugins that allow you to change your self into a chicken or a cow.
Making for some fun hide and go seek possibliltes in gameplay.

The most succseful creative servers will offer multi-worlds, or mini-games.
this server only has 1 world, and its plots. Pure flatland building.
There are mini-games, but there built by the players(you) so, there hosted by the players. Meaning, beyond building, theres no reason to hang around on the server.

The server is beautifully built, and fun to look around, it explains the rules very well.
however, there other things that you wont know about unless your told by staff.
Such as the fact that you can claim more plots and merge them.
OR, what the diffrences in ranks are.

2 of the rules really stood out to me as silly. or, not needed.
One was, "No TP'ing players without permission"
What i dont get is, why give C++ members the ability to TP other players?
why not, remove that all together? There should be NO reason for anyone but
ADMIN and OP's to have this permission. If im building, i dont want to be trolled
by long time members who get carried away with the TP command.
No server i know as this permission given to ranked players.
You get C++ simply by playing on the server for a certain amount of time.
Your auto-rank up to those perks, commands.

Another rule i found to be a bit odd was "No role playing in chat"
If players want to build a castle and pretend to re-enact scenes from there
favorite game of thrones episode... why should'nt they.
its seemed odd to me to restrict conversations and a players fun in such a way.

Its not something thats Hurting anyone, if anything it can bring a lot of LIFE
and creative experssion to a creative server.
so adding a rule against it seemend a bit annoying to my taste.

Overall though, the PRO'S seem to outweigh the CON's on with the community
and server. There website is very nice and easy on the eyes, which goes a long way
in createing a fun and enjoyable community for your server.

Stop by and give them a try, If you need a break from all those mini-games,
get with some of the players on this server and become a better builder.
I'm sure they'll be happy to help you out!
April 27th : - Darkhelmet - IP: s.dhmc.us

More information can be found here: LINK

The Server as been around for over 3 years. Which is a lot to boast about these days.They've def. gotten it together. where it all works well.
commands are easy to learn. PvP is allowed in arenas, so, you can build and not worry about greif or PvP. Lively, Active server anytime of day.

The only real hangup i think is there website. Its not very clear if they have a forum or a way for the community to come together and get to know eachother.
The pics on there website are also outdated. I never found anything looking like that on the server while i was exploering. But, the builds on this server are still epically fun to check out!

If you'd like to have your server reviewed by our team
you can put in a request here: LINK
After submiting your server to our list, you can then ask to have it reviewed by our team

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Update #9 : 04/06/2016 7:14:02 pmApr 6th, 2016

minr.org server review updated to reflect new information based on information from admin's and owner.

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This month as been very busy. I've been trieing to do atleast 2 reviews per month.
But, this month i was only able to do 1.

for the next 3 months i'm going to be so busy i'll probably only manage to do 1 serer review a month.
so.. im going to be VERY Choosey about who gets that review from me :)
If i dont feel the server is ATLEAST a C rating going in.. Im not doing the review.
guarntee, for the next 3 months... you wont see any D or F rated server reveiws from me.
i just dont have the time to waste on bad servers
I dont know about ya'll, but... i cracked myself up doing the desiny raids server review.

Honestly, its not a factions server i HIGHLY recommend. But the community is great :)
so far that its worth it. and the owner is  cool guy.

but... there are better factions servers. Like Nimania. :) smaller community, but the server is setup better.

ANyway, the intro.. i my wife was actuallay crackign up laughing when i showed her. :D
I update the Nimania video.
Im finally starting to work on a better Intor Sequence to make the videos more
professional :)
On the FilleCraft tab, on the 1 Rules bit, you made a typo with "and"

Great reviews though!
I made a lot of typos. :/

I finished writing this at I think..1am before I went to bed. I'll work on editing this tonight.

personally, I think fillecraft has potential to be a good server. But they need to increase there ram or get rid of plugins that shouldn't be used on small servers.
like the auctions plugin. That only works on servers with an avg player base of 10 or more on at anytime.
cause...you need players to bid on the auction.
Oh okay man, wasn't having a go at you, just helping :)
No problem. thanks for letting me know. I was in a rush to finsih this up and post before i left for vacation.

I've been gone since May 30th, thats why i havent repsonded back :)
Thanks for the feedback. I normally try to run these thru a spell checker, but i pressed for time :/
I plan to go back on some of these servers and get some video recording done
SO that i can update these reivews with videos.

Hopefully, i can get that done this month.

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