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    I run and maintain (with the help of some freinds) & the sister site:

    or #1 goal is to always try and bring great content from the MC community right to you!

    we do this by searching PMC, MCF, mod maker websites, Technic forums,youtube, twitch, News websites, We pretty much search under every rock to bring you something cool.
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    • hooptiecoupe
      September 10, 2017, 11:26 pm to Public
      For anyone following me or.. Curious...
      I live in houston,tx. Our home was flooded sooo im temp. Displaced while we rebuild. Im too busy working and rebuilding now to spend much time on building maps or working on the storymode or anythjng else :( i still get on my server from time to time and build so you can find me there. But, for the next 6 months im pretty much swamped with rebuilding efforts.
      Springstof said 2017-09-11 18:53:30
      Good luck out there!
    • hooptiecoupe
      July 19, 2017, 7:34 pm to Public
      completed work on a maze mini-game as well.

      Its available for 1+ players.

      everytime the map loads up.. the EXIT point is changed to 1 of 15 possible exists.

      with 2 mazes made so far for the arena. up to 30 possible exists.

      Find the exit.. keep the emeralds.. dont.. lose the emeralds.. simple as that

      I'll be posting it to PMC sometime this week to show off
    • hooptiecoupe
      July 19, 2017, 7:33 pm to Public
      started working on a "find the Buttons" mini-game for 2+ players.

      So far, i've managed to complete 1 of the 15 possible random arenas that will spawn in.

      Really easy concept. Basically, first one to a certain amount of points wins the match. WIth a player getting a point everytime the find and then.. push the button. :)

      I'm thinking of makeing another version of it that ofcource will need more players.. but..

      1st one to push the button DOSNT get randomly killed.

      So like.. say 10-15 people playing it , gotta find the button or risk being randomly killed outta the game :D adds that BIT of fear factor into it :)
    • hooptiecoupe
      July 13, 2017, 1:23 am to Public
      been working on a new game mode called "anti-spleeg" with some members on my server. Nemos59 is making the arena maps.

      So far, there are 12 possible random arenas that will spawn in.

      there will also be up to 10 possible starting effects that change the dynamic of the game each time.

      Theres only 2 small minor details to work on to fix it up a bit better.
      It's playable now on the server @
      then do: /warp random

      It will auto-start once it detects that 4 players have joined the game and are on the server. I've designed it so that you could join and then go play anywhere else on the server.. while you wait for the game lobby to fill up.

      Kinda neat concept :D Can't wait to post the project to PMC this week to see what you guys think about it.
    • hooptiecoupe
      April 20, 2017, 9:45 pm to Public
      Geez, I need to update my MC server page soo bawd. about 40% of the info is tech. not acurate anymore. The economy world as merged with the KIngdoms world, Grief Prevention was removed, some adventure maps were removed, the mini-games were updated to new 1.11.2 code, the economy setup as changed slightly and UltraCosmetics is Now back in use on the server again. Also, we just switched over to a new /spawn that i designed about 2 weeks ago so the pictures for the spawn are no longer correct.

      Though that build is STILL on the server and can be accessed via a hidden pathway from the new spawn. :)
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