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Horses- How to find the ideal War Horse

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yogibear90's Avatar yogibear90
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So, PvP (Player vs. Player) is a HUGE deal in Minecraft. A lot of players spend most of their time on PvP based servers and enjoy spending their time fighting one another for glorious loot and power. With the update, when horses were implemented into the game, the PvP mechanics drastically changed. No longer are battles limited to foot! After a player tames a wild horse, they are able to ride into combat with speed not matched by anything else. Horses, when saddled, can be controlled with the standard keys (W A S D) with simple movement, can glide over 1 Height ledges with ease, and can jump enormous heights. The horse can also block attacks for the player, eliminating damage done to the player in battles.

The horse is a great power in PvP combat, allowing players to mount and furiously slash with their weapon while moving at unparalleled speeds. However, many players who attempt to utilize the horse in battle, do not go about it properly and are not aware of some traits of the horse.

To start off, EVERY horse encountered is unique. The obvious is that each horse looks a bit different, with slight variations to its pattern and colors, but this does not affect combat. If you plan to utilize a horse for battle, do not make the mistake of saddling up a mule or donkey, the horse's close counterparts. Donkeys can be identified with a full gray coat and mules with a full leathery brown color. These are used for storage on the go, NOT for battle (They cannot wear armor). Each horse has its own unique traits which will affect how fast you can move, how high you can jump, and how much health your horse will have when riding it.
-Every horse has its own unique amount of health, from 15 to 30
-Every horse has its own unique jump height, 1.2 to 5.5 blocks in height
-Every horse has its own unique speed, ranging from 0.1125 to 0.3375 in internal units. (A player's walking speed is .1 units in comparison)

If you want to be the most effective in battle, follow these tips. Do not expect to find your ideal war horse by breeding two horses. Wild horses tend to be the strongest with the highest stats due to the fact that a foal, when bred, has its stats averaged between the two parents and another random horse. You WILL have to search, and this, quite frankly, could take some time (keep in mind horses only spawn in plains and savannas). It is very evident which horse is faster after giving it a test run, as well as which horse has the most health (hearts displayed) and highest jump height. The horse with the highest in each of these values is the ideal war horse.

Now, you aren't finished just yet. If possible, you need to equip your horse with some stylish armor. Keep in mind this may not be possible, as horse armor is only obtainable via dungeons, Nether Fortress chests, Village Blacksmith chests, Jungle Temple chests, Desert Temple chests, and in Abandoned Mineshaft Minecart chests. If you can get your hands on a piece of armor (unlimited durability), you are sure to win a fight. The average player will make the common mistake of choosing iron horse armor over golden horse armor given the choice due to iron player armor being stronger than golden player armor. DO NOT make this mistake. Golden Horse armor is stronger than Iron horse armor. The three armors available include iron, gold, and diamond.

So, make sure to follow the above steps to create your perfect war horse, an essential asset for the most competitive minecraft warriors. Pay attention to your horses attributes and make sure to give each a test run to identify its speed and jump height. Finally, equip a sweet set of armor, and you are ready to go!

Visit the Minecraft Wikipedia for more information on the basics of Horses here: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Horses
CreditMinecraft Wikepedia

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12/15/2013 11:18 am
Level 12 : Journeyman Miner
yogibear90's Avatar
Thanks guys!
12/10/2013 9:59 pm
Level 21 : Expert Skinner
DubstepNyan800's Avatar
Diamond and fav. Excellent.
12/09/2013 11:39 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
44alex99's Avatar
Nice blog and good grammar the whole way through!
12/09/2013 10:56 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Crafter
cheesepants4me's Avatar
helpful, detailed, well organized. Good job.
12/09/2013 10:10 pm
Level 27 : Expert Pixel Puncher
BenBomb33's Avatar
Honestly I don't know of a good pvp server that uses horses. Horses are glitchy and weak, and people wearing Protection IV with good swords can kill them quickly.
12/09/2013 8:27 am
Level 13 : Journeyman Explorer
Insaneupcakes's Avatar
/summon EntityHorse ~0 ~0 ~0 {Type:3, SaddleItem:{id:329}, Tame:1} copy and paste for awesome horse.
12/09/2013 8:26 am
Level 13 : Journeyman Explorer
Insaneupcakes's Avatar
/summon EntityHorse ~0 ~0 ~0 {Type:3, SaddleItem:{id:329}, Tame:1}
12/08/2013 11:04 pm
Level 28 : Expert Taco
Phoenix_13's Avatar
Congrats on pop reel! I think you should change it up a bit, use different colors and images as well.:-)
12/09/2013 7:36 am
Level 12 : Journeyman Miner
yogibear90's Avatar
Yeah, can't say I'm the best with this stuff. First blog, I'll have to work on making it look better and such, just thought it would be cool and informative to write about.
12/08/2013 10:31 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
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Amazingly put, thumps up to you bro.
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