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How Long Will Minecraft Endure?

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WhiteFang Wolf avatar WhiteFang Wolf
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We have all thought about it.
Death. Death of Minecraft. Assuming you use this website, you play mincraft. Assuming you play minecraft, you don't want it to DIE. There has been times we thought it was going to end, and times it nearly did. There has been times where it would have DIED if it wasn't for it's strong fan base. These are some times where we cut it close.

1.9-The Deadly Update.

1.9 was a dangerous year for minecraft. Let's start off with what came first: The wait. This update took nearly a year and a half. Soon, doubts about if it was going to come at all were formed. Many people lost intrest in playing the same version, and dropped out. Others belived that the death of MC was near. They didn't want to have to see it die, so they quit. But the wait isn't the only thing that made this update dangerous.
With every update, new things come. With every update, not everyone is going to love those features. 1.9 was considered the update to ruin minecraft. Mojang had been getting death threats simply due to a change in the game. Most people who loved PvP were devastated by the new combat system. They found it outrageous that they had to adapt. Most of these people, quit. By now, it was clear that we were close to death. Of course, that didn't happen. This was a time where we almost saw the end. But we survived.

Microsoft, Micro problem.

When people heard that the company that created their favorite video game had been bought by Microsoft, many were outraged and beleived it was just screaming DEATH IS HERE!!! Many quit in protest, hoping it would make Microsoft rethink their descison. Obviously, it didn't. But who said that the world was nice? Who said things could only get better? Microsoft soon used minecraft as a tool to be used until it dies. They made the developers focus primarily on Windows 10 edition. Soon, people just plan quit out of anger. But did Microsoft see that everyone hated them now? No. Either that or they didn't care. It has continued to this day, but we are still alive, and as long as there is life their is hope. We still don't now if we'll make it out alive, but for now all is good.

How much longer?

If minecraft survives all the drama it's been going through, how much more time do we have left? Recently, there has been a decrease in sales for minecraft. Almost everyone that wants a copy of minecraft, has one. But they still get money from skins, merchendise, and realms. But that doesn't mean it won't pose a threat in the future. Mojang still will have money left. But would Microsoft force them to stop developing the game when it stops being so popular? Chances are, the odds aren't in our favor with that one. Before we have alook at how much time is left if the company stopped receiving pay, let's see if people still like minecraft.


Youtube is a commonly used website for video streaming. So obviously, people want to share their love for minecraft up there. If you look at DanTDM, the biggest MC youtuber, you will notice his videos about minecraft are now getting less views. So if the same is true for most youtube channels (which it is). it seems as though people are slowly pulling away from minecraft. I'm not saying that minecraft's death is near, just that is may happen within the next few years.


If minecraft stopped producing profit today, how long will it last?If we look at the amount of dough Mojang has, without a doubt they could keep the game going. I did the math, and they could go for 9-12 years without any profit and update the game regularly. But let's not focuse on what may be but instead how things will unfold. Mojang would try and keep the game up and running as long as possible, but remember how Microsoft kinda bought them? Microsoft would most likely see this as their last chance to make some money off of minecraft. They might do 1 huge "to serve fan" update that adds almost everything that it's few remaining fans wished for. If minecraft wasn't raised from the dead, Microsoft would call it quits.

So that is how close we came to death, if the end was near, and how much longer we seem to have. While it may not last forever, we still have many more years to enjoy this game.

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11/13/2016 5:44 am
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Meme
Vincent _1987
Vincent _1987 avatar
I don't even play minecraft anymore.
11/11/2016 6:42 pm
Level 45 : Master Architect
Lothiredon avatar
"I did the math, and they could go for 9-12 years without any profit and update the game regularly."

I want to see this math.
11/17/2016 5:03 pm
Level 23 : Expert Mountaineer
WhiteFang Wolf
WhiteFang Wolf avatar
Sorry, I deleted it. Besides, it was just a very rough estimate. Might be way off.
11/13/2016 5:44 am
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Meme
Vincent _1987
Vincent _1987 avatar
me too.
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