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How many Pixels are in a Block?

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Xianaic's Avatar Xianaic
Level 41 : Master Blacksmith
I have decided that Minecraft is way more than you would think. So much stuff, and so much you can do with that stuff. Millions of lines of code. But how much is in 1 block? How many pixels are in a block? We'll have to do some math. *Pulls out Calculator*

First thing we have to do is find out how many mini-blocks are in that block. Easy math, 16 cubed.

Bet you didn't excpect it to be 4096 though.

But that's not all.

All of those mini-blocks have 6 sides. Just like a regular block. So what we do is multiply 4096 x 6

Do the math... on a calculator... and you get 24,576. It's over 9000!

No wonder Minecraft is so laggy...

Hold on, what about a chunk? A 16x16 chunk! That's more math!

Good thing I brought a calculator.

In Default Superflat, there are 16x16x4 chunks. Multiplication. AGAIN.

25,165,824. Bet you didn't expect that many pixels in a Default Superflat chunk. Good luck in with Default world chunks. And don't even get me STARTED on those 512x512 texture packs. Sheesh!

If you really want to know how many pixels are in a Superflat world, go ask Steven Hawking.


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07/16/2014 4:43 am
Level 39 : Artisan Modder
ossum100's Avatar
Well the answer too how many pixels in a flat world is really easy Its ∞ Infinity.

And in the minecraft Xbox Edition there are 4565262336 Pixels in a standard superflat world
11/24/2012 12:25 pm
Level 54 : Grandmaster Batman
smanrt's Avatar
Nice Job!
11/24/2012 2:38 pm
Level 41 : Master Blacksmith
Xianaic's Avatar
Thank you!
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