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How Much Minecraft is Really Worth

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Minecraft is a sandbox game beloved by many. Over 12 million people have bought the PC version alone! But how much is Minecraft really worth?

12,157,309 people have bought the Minecraft PC version. If you multiply that times Minecraft's price (26.66 US dollars) you get 324,113,857.97 US Dollars! This alone if Minecraft's PC version worth but what about all those server donations? Even though the money doesn't go directly to Mojang (Minecraft creators) its still part of the game and is considered into the games value.

So How much much money do people really have in circulation? Well we need to consider donations and server hosting payments. There are no exact numbers on this but lets estimate. The average payment for a server is around lets say 20 US Dollars a month. Multiply this by a total of 300,000 people (The estimated amount of people who have purchased minecraft server hosting since the game was started) and you get 6 million US Dollars per Month (assuming none of those 300,000 people canceled there server hosting [Which is not true but we are doing math here so we need real terms]).That is a large amount of money just from server hosting. This could be much higher though as server hosting prices can be much higher than 20 dollars. It probably is lower than this though because most people drop their server hosts about after 1 month.

Minecraft has recently moved over to different platforms. One of them being the Xbox 360 or now the Xbox one. The first few months just from the xbox live version, 6 million copies were sold! Generating a 120 million dollar revenue!Plus it keeps growing everyday since it was named the fastest selling video game on shelves.

The most recent version of the Minecraft family, it is probably the most successful yet. It is the fastest growing most profitable version of Minecraft available. Last Month the pocket edition recieved 10 Million Downloads on IOS and android! The pocket edition costs 6.99 Us Dollars so this would be a profit of 69,900,000 Million Dollars!

The Grand Total
Over all platforms Minecraft has sold over 17.5 Million Copies of the game. The grand estimated revenue and value of minecraft is.........
520,013,857.97 Million US Dollars. Basically Half a Billion Dollars!Wow.

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09/16/2013 10:13 pm
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Wow you put alot of work into this, great blog
09/15/2014 10:08 am
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09/15/2013 11:40 pm
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I would say more like 1000$/mo for the served donations part, more of those well known servers like shotbow and dubcraft have really expensive donator ranks and ALOT of people buy them
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