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Journey to Atlantis [part 1]

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avatar WA1D0
Level 33 : Artisan Creeper
Chapter 1
  The hands never seemed to move. Their white canvas seemed dulled by time and the black numbers all hung loosely ready to fall off at the slightest movement. She wonders why its still hanging on the wall. Maybe it is a precious piece of the past or just a broken tool that no one ever bothers to take down because time never seems to move anyways.
 Fists supporting heavy heads and half shut eyes all face the white board covered in numbers. Mrs. Hillberg moves back and forth, her movement in tune with the number’s shapes. Drool spills from Jeremy Linger’s open mouth. A fly buzzes through the open window. A pencil rolls off her neighbors desk. A cloud passes over, making the classroom grow dark for a second. The marker squeaks. A footstep in the hall. Stop. Skyler Vizca always has had the odd habit of noticing everything. Every breath, every step she accounts for. She doesn’t know why she does it, maybe a habit or a gene passed down from her father. That was probably it, he was an odd man.
  She had thought about it alot, although had never been able to bring an answer to the question, just speculations. Her mind worked endlessly, even when she thunk about why she pondered about this, hre eyes dart back and forth. A shoelace untied. Different Colored Socks. This kid had a rough morning. Mrs. Hillberg lays her eyes on her. She quickly sets her gaze forward. “Yes Mrs. Hillberg?” Mrs. Hillberg isn’t surprised at Skyler’s attentiveness, it’s may and Skyler has been in her class the whole year. “Would you please solve the problem on the board with procedure so the rest of your class mates understand.” She gives the sleepy classroom an evil eye.
  Skyler gets out of her seat and heads toward the board. Faint echoes in the hall. She grabs the marker and begins to write. No wait footsteps. She scribbles down the procedure and answer as fast as possible. A shadow under the door. “Done Mrs. Hillberg.” She looks over her work and nods in agreement. Skyler heads towards her desk, her eyes focused on the shadow coming from underneath the door. Funny, the light from the window is hitting the door, there should’nt be a shadow. A knock. Skyler freezes. Her brain sends warning hormones and her nerves begin to tingle.
  Mrs. Hillberg gets up from her seat. Skyler stays put, head turned towards her desk. She begins to shake erratically. Her drunken classmates stare at her bewildered. Comments are thrown across the room but the sweat running down her face poors into her ears. The doorknob is turned. She turns her head towards the door.
  Two men dressed in completely black suits stand shoulder to shoulder. Caucasian. Gucci Suits. Rugged Frames. Mrs. Hillberg blocks their faces but she can make out sunglasses. Skyler stands still in between the desks, no longer shaking or sweating but frozen in fear. She does not know why, her eyes have never laid sight on these men before, it seems as if she is controlled by her own instincts.
  “How can I help you fine gentlemen?” Mrs. Hillberg uses a seductive voice. “Skyler Vizca” Their raspy breath echoes through the classroom silencing the students and even the fly perches itself on-top of the clock, halting its buzzing.
Hope you enjoyed!! Ill be adding more parts over time  as this is quite a long series. (Maybe 20 parts+). Be sure to subscribe and give this 1st part a diamond!

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