How Nobody Playz 4v4v4v4 Hypixel Bedwars

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Sorry, but the title might be a little misleading, as it is a play on words, but my YouTube channel name is NobodyPlayz. Either way, this blog is about how I play BedWars - specifically BedWars on Hypixel. For those of you who are unfamiliar with BedWars, I will make a tutorial soon (with pictures), and I might even make a video. For now, though, this is going to be an unillustrated outline of how I play 4v4v4v4 BedWars.

  1. The iron/gold generator; when the game starts, as everyone else does, I go to the generator. Since it's 4v4v4v4, the generators produce more in a short amount of time. I then stay in the generator until I have 64 and 2 iron. That is enough for one fireball, 64 wool, and a stone sword. I then put any leftover ingots and the fireball in my ender chest.
  2. (Possible Bed Defense); if my team hasn't already placed blocks around the bed, I'll use my gold to make a wood layer around the bed. I'll then go back to the generator, collect 24 iron, buy hardened clay, and surround the wood layer with it.
  3. The diamond generator; I then bridge to the diamond generator if my team hasn't. I typically speed bridge, but if I'm not feeling confident in that at the time, then I'll bridge normally. Once I reach the generator, I accumulate 5 diamonds and invest it in "It's a trap" and "Iron Forge" if my team hasn't already.
  4. Emerald generator; I stock up on iron and gold, and buy a fireball for my inventory and iron armor, leaving the first fireball in my ender chest. I then go to the emerald generator assuming that nobody is camping it. If they are, then I continue to accumulate iron/gold. If not, then I keep collecting emerald until I either reach 6 emeralds, or another player comes. I'll then head back to my base.
  5. Offense; I invest the emeralds in an invisibility potion and an ender pearl. I'll also buy shears, a pickaxe, an ax, and TNT. I then attack one of the teams, which will probably be the one that I perceive to be the best. I'll drink the invisibility potion, throw the ender pearl toward their island, and if they don't have a trap, I'll mine. If they do, I'll place the TNT and run to the top of the island. If the explosion uncovers the bed, I'll jump down and destroy it. If not, I'll wait for the team to move away from the bed, and I'll mine it out, hopefully destroying the bed.
By the way, this can easily go wrong. If we get rushed, the fireball comes in. After a long time of playing BedWars and being rushed from really high and not being able to do anything about it, I decided to change things up. I decided to buy fireballs, since if someone bridges toward us from high up, I can knock them off easily and with deadly accuracy. Usually, this will make them back off for a little while, giving my team and me time to regroup and go on the offense. As well as that, if I die, then I stay on the generator to get back what I lost. Again, this plan doesn't always work, but it gave me more wins in a single day than in my first six months of playing.

Anyway, that's it! I hope that this helps you, and trust me; more blogs will be coming soon. Thank you for reading!

Please check out my YouTube channel, NobodyPlayz. Thanks!
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