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How to be Good at Minecraft Parkour

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BNKookie avatar BNKookie
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Ahh, good ol' parkour. Remember that time when you were on the last step and fell into the lava? Well, it happened to me. But with my "experienced computer keybinds skills", you'll be flying past your friends on the first block!

The Basics

Before I get started, this is for 1.7.2. NOW LETS START.
Setting keybinds: Go to the options menu and then to controls. Click on that. Find the word sprint and change the key to "q". Now go find the "drop item" and put it to "r". BAM. What I did here is I set the sprint key to q, so its easier to sprint. No more double-tapping w! And since dropping your item is the q key, you can set it to r. I mean, your gonna sprint jump WAY more than you drop your... air.

Sprint Jumping

Sounds pretty cool right? Well, get good at it. Sprint jumping is how you get to far places. Since you set your sprint key to q, its easy to sprint jump. Just do w+q+space. Do it really fast if your on one block. If your on a ledge, get a head start by sprinting and then jumping last second. It can be hard but with practice, you'll go places... literally.

Strafe Jumping

This is a very important skill. Strafe jumping is when you jump forwards, then to the side. For example, if I am on a "pole" with ladders on each side of the block slowly going up, I'll have to strafe.

O= Block
X= Ladder on block


This might look really confusing but in a case of strafing, just sprint jump then turn the direction of your destination while pressing w. This is very hard but extremely important.

Pistons and Timing

You might see those courses where you are timed and pistons extend a block for you to jump on. Here are some tips:
- Push the button to extend the pistons multiple times before attempting to go. Memorize the pattern on where the pistons go out.
- You'll have to go fast. Push the button standing back to give yourself a head start. Since your arm's range is long, you can push it from far.
- Use the pattern you memorized to complete the course!


Probably the most vital step, positioning. Position yourself very well before you jump. Think about where you'll land on the block, and how it will affect your very next move. Don't take risks. Sometimes though, you'll have to rush and just trust you instincts.


Some gaming sets like Razer have special keys on the sides of a mouse. You can set keybinds to these keys. Set a sprint keybind to a comfortable key. You'll be using it often.

I hope you enjoyed, don't forget to Diamond, Favorite and Subscribe for more!
My YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/BNKookie

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05/21/2018 9:42 am
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what a good storie I love it how you think
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