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How to Brave a Woodland Mansion! (w/ seed) :D

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The uncannily rare Ocean Monument was probably Minecraft's largest naturally generated structure, before the introduction of the even MORE awesome Woodland Mansion in MC v.1.11. With over 50 different rooms to explore, the Woodland Mansion, apart from simply containing hoards of treasure, also acts as an amazing base for a player in survival mode, with its beautiful architecture, pre-built facilities and many custmisable chambers. This structure is indeed a mansion fit for any monarch! Sounds too good to be true? Well, you're kind of right there -- to convert this structure into your grand new house, you've got to slay the inhabitants of the mansion first! And how exactly do you manage that feat? Despair not, young crafter -- by proceeding with the help of this tutorial, you'll be a mansion-owning noble in no time!

How to get to a Woodland Mansion

There are actually quite a few ways to do this, but the easiest way, of course, would be simply to go search for a seed online. The harder way would be to grab your stuff, head to a village, find the local librarian and pray really hard that he's a cartographer. If he is, then great! Go trade with him a couple of times until the trade for a Woodland Exploration Map is finally available. Then, grab the map, and start exploring!

Sound too hard to you? Well, no problem -- just start a world in survival mode and type in this seed:

- 4589128118707775879

Then, travel over to the coordinates 200 73 533 and you'll find yourself a neat little mansion to explore!

What to Do Once You're In There:

In order to brave a Woodland Mansion, you'd need the following basic supplies in order to succeed:

1) Iron sword and pickaxe

2) Iron Armour

3) Tons of torches

4) Food

5) A bow and at least 10 arrows

6) Potions (recommended)

Once you're in the mansion, start plopping down torches around as the interior is usually quite dark. Ignore the zombies for the while, and stay away from creepers (or, just kill 'em before they blow anything up). Your first priority would be taking out the Evoker and his minions:

Taking Down the Illagers

There are, at this stage, three types of Illagers: Evokers, Vindicators and Vexes. Evokers are the deadliest of the three, with the ability to spawn Vexes and cause fangs of stone to erupt from the ground and snap at your legs, dealing massive damage. Vindicators are the axe-wielding minions who deal up to 6 HP of damage per strike, able to kill you in a matter of blows (specifically, 9 blows if you're donning iron gear). The easiest way to defeat Vindicators would be to deal the first blow, striking their legs and keeping them at a distance, then finishing them off quickly with a sword. As for Evokers, the best way to take them down would be to rush in and start landing blows immediately once you see one. This way, you'll be able to swiftly deal 20 HP of damage before the Evoker manages to summon an attack. Vexes can simply be taken down with arrows, or a sword if they get near enough.

What to Do Once You're Rid of the Illagers

1) Go on a hunt for monsters within the mansion while placing torches in dark areas.

2) Seal up the doorway if night is approaching.

3) Find a good spot (such as a pre-built bedroom) to take a nap and reset your spawn point in the mansion.

4) Start exploring once you're done sleeping! By the way, some rooms and chambers inside the mansion are guarded by more Vindicators, so take caution until you're certain no more monsters remain in the structure.

5) Start customising the mansion! Design yourself a stylish door, and make good usage of the pre-built farms. (Weird, why would a mansion have FARMS in it?)

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CreditShireen_M for providing the seed

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10/02/2016 11:29 am
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That's pretty cool :o
also llamas
10/02/2016 7:58 am
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You know, in 1.11 they added a new command. /locate lets you locate the coordinates of randomly generated structures. So, instead of using the seed or getting the map, you could just "/locate Mansion", and then /tp to the coordinates.
10/02/2016 8:04 am
Level 56 : Grandmaster Slime Tamer
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Yes I KNOW I'm tallking about Survival
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