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5 Facts You Didn't Know: The Evoker!

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CreeperLadMC's Avatar CreeperLadMC
Level 56 : Grandmaster Slime Tamer
Even though the first thing an Evoker does when he sees you is attempt to snap at your butt with fangs erupting from the ground (where DO these things come from anyway?), Evokers are actually a lot more fascinating than you'd previously thought. Not that I'm telling you it's okay to walk up to an Evoker and admire him, so if you get your legs snapped off or something don't go blaming me. Anyway, on to the trivia...

1. Apart from offensive attacks, Evokers also have a special defensive move! When an enemy approaches an Evoker, the Evoker will bring on his defensive fang attack, that is, summoning two rings of fangs surrounding himself to ward off attackers. The larger ring consists of 8 fangs, while the inner one consists of 5.

2. Most of you probably know that Evokers drop Totems of Undying upon death, but each level of the Looting enchantment can increase the number of totems dropped by 1. Also, unlike regular monsters, Evokers will drop 10 XP upon death.

3. Evokers are actually quite cowardly -- when not in the middle of an attack or defensive move, an Evoker will run away from an attacker to avoid taking damage. The uncanny similarity between a fleeing Evoker and a fleeing villager makes one want to laugh one's guts out... and totally forget about the fight and get wrecked by Evocation fangs

4. Evokers will use magic to transform blue sheep into red! That is apparently another Easter egg in the game. Be careful not to let Evokers near your sheep...

5. Although Evokers will transform the color of your sheep from blue to red, the gamerule "mobGriefing" prevents them from being able to doing so. The Evoker is thus the only mob that has an action that doesn't concern blocks disabled by this gamerule (apart from collecting items).

Leave a diamond if this entry totally blew your mind! (If not, do so anyway because I have angry, angry droids ready to blast your house into bits >:C)

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06/15/2017 3:04 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
i am a person
i am a person's Avatar
i tried in creative but i got emeralds instead of an extra totem of undying
and i will give u diamond
01/22/2018 8:28 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
redwolf10105's Avatar
That's probably a Vindicator you killed.
01/30/2017 12:48 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
BluAetherium's Avatar
hey not cool man no threats plz but I will leave a diamond tho
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