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How To Breed In Pixelmon 3.3.1!

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Skeleydude0015's Avatar Skeleydude0015
Level 33 : Artisan Pokemon
Hello guys, Skeley here, and today, I'm going to give you a tutorial on how to breed in Pixelmon 3.3.1. I will update this is any changes occur. So, anyways, just follow these simple steps!

1. Make a Ranch Block. (Recipe Below).
2. Place the Ranch Block down, It should look like this below.
3. Find out what type your 2 pokemon are breeding together are, I reccomend breeding the same type so you dont have to hastle with getting 2 diffrent blocks for each diffrent type :D. You can find a list at the link below. (The higher the number, the faster they'll breed, BTW)

http://pixelmonmod.com/wiki/index.php?title=Breeding/Environment <--- Link For Enviorment.

4. You next want to find out what egg group your pokemon is. So, just check your pokemon's wiki page to find out!

5. Now, the interesting stuff :D, For this example, I'll be making a Grass Type Ranch. Open up the GUI, It should look something like this....
You should then click Manage Pokemon! The GUI below should then appear.
Now, you should click the 2 pokemon you want to breed. In my case, I'll be using serperiors. (The pokemon have to be diffrent genders to breed BTW, XD).
6. Now... It's time to wait, dependant on the block underneath the pokemon, it will decide the breeding time. (Check the habitat list for more details) If you see "Pokémon 1 has a crush on Pokémon 2, but doesn't feel comfortable in this environment!". You"ve done something wrong D:, Try re-doing these steps carefully again if this happens. I'm going to list the Data's for the times below.

SatisfactionTextDuration of breeding processDuration per 

"Pokemon 1 likes Pokémon 2 a tiny bit more every day!"3 hours, 20 minutes40 minutes
"Pokémon 1 is more attracted to Pokémon 2 every day!"1 hour, 40 minutes20 minutes
"Pokémon 1's love for Pokémon 2 grows rapidly every day!"1 hour, 6⅔ minutes13⅓ minutes
"Pokémon 1 falls madly in love with Pokémon 2 every single day!"50 minutes10 minutes

7. After some time, hearts should appear.... Those indicate how much time left till a egg will produce. List below. In the new pixelmon update although, Isi's Hourglass can make you SKIP stages completly, if you get these from bosses, your in luck! You can also AFK anywhere on a MULTIPLAYER SERVER and the process will STILL go, even if you log off!

StageHeart color
0No hearts
1Gray Heart.pngGray
2Purple Heart.pngPurple
3Blue Heart.pngBlue
4Yellow Heart.pngYellow
5Red Heart.pngRed

8. On stage 5, Red hearts should appear, your egg is there :D!

Congrats.... You are now a expert on Pixelmon breeding. This process IS THE SAME for every pokemon (Ditto is diffrent).

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy, A diamond will always be appreciated for all the hard work put into this!

Peace Out, Skeley!
CreditPixelmon Wiki

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01/26/2015 6:08 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
moparsboys24's Avatar
My pokemon woth appear when i go to breed them
11/18/2014 10:24 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Pokemon
Skeleydude0015's Avatar
Thank you guys so much! I'd never thought it'd get this far!
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