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How To Build A TARDIS

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Salutations fellow Minecrafters!

Are you a Whovian? Have you always wanted to build a TARDIS in Minecraft? (which is rather unoriginal but never mind) Well then THIS POST is for YOU! Without further ado, Let's get started!

The Exterior

How does one exactly build a TARDIS exterior? There are many different ways to build TARDIS exteriors; here's how to build two of them.

1. Slim and Sexy

This works best with certain texture packs.
Here's how it's built:

You need one slab of any kind (stone preferred), three iron doors and one wooden door.


Place the doors as in the picture, then plop a slab on top. The finished product should look like this:


2. The Cube

This is my preferred type of exterior.
You need blue wool/lapis lazuli, an iron door and pressure plate, and a beacon/torch.


Replace two ground blocks with two blue wool.


Place blue wool as in the picture.
Then, add another identical layer on top.


Then, cover the lot with blue wool.
You can pop a torch/beacon on top.

Finished product:


You can even do a whole bunch decorations on your exterior, (interior lighting, signs, doors, etc.) like in the TARDIS that I created:

The Interior

The TARDIS interior is infinite. And yes, the Minecraft world is infinite too, but attempting to build an infinite TARDIS would probably have negative side effects on your computer.

To start off, build a console room. For the real "bigger on the inside" look, place a Command Block in your exterior that teleports you to the interior, or put a Nether Portal in the exterior that transports you to the interior in the Nether. The TARDIS console room should have (obviously) a TARDIS console. This can be achieved by having a Time Rotor in the middle, with blocks of any type around it. Time Rotors can be moving (achieved by sticky pistons wired up to a redstone clock, pushing a block) or non-moving. Water and lava can also be surrounded by glass to make a non-moving time rotor. In the blocks surrounding the Time Rotor, you can add levers and buttons to make the console seem more realistic.

You can choose to base the interior off an existing TARDIS interior, or design a new one.
The possibilities are ENDLESS!

You can have rooms and corridors in addition to your main console room.
Not all TARDIS rooms have been stated in the TV show, so you'll have to work your grey matter and imagine up some new rooms. TARDIS corridors are windy, messy things, so be aware that you may get lost in them while attempting to build them. In the TARDIS that I've built, I chose to make things more organized by having different "wings" of the TARDIS that are easy to navigate. Not exactly show-accurate, but your TARDIS need not be accurate.

Remember, there is no truly defined way to build a TARDIS. These are just some suggestions and advice that you can use while building your TARDIS. As The Doctor would say,

"All of time and space, everywhere and anywhere. Every star that ever was. Where do you want to start?"

Good luck in building your epic TARDIS!


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i just drew a tardis, it's magical o3o
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