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How To Build A Time Machine In Minecraft

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enderhater1's Avatar enderhater1
Level 12 : Journeyman Warrior
I have been to the future in my Minecraft time machine, and the year 3000 is not good. Everyone playing Minecraft will face a ban. Maybe you can make your own time machine, travel to the year 2999, and fix the doom. But there is one BIG PROBLEM. You possibly do not know how to build a time machine. Do not worry, I will teach you how.

1. Build a decent square house. About 16X16 will do.

2. Decide a couple of periods in time you want to visit. About 2-6 works. My time machine has B.C. and the year 3000.

3. Build a Nether portal and mess around with it to get to a "the-time-period-you-want portal". Then hop in, and see the future (or past)!!!

4. Maybe your time machine did not work. If that is the case, you either are stuck in time, or the portal did not work at all. The way to fix this is to have your friends write stories about the time periods and connect them somehow with the portal. Then hop in and yet again, see the future (or past)!!!

5. Your time machine STILL did not work? Well, try toggling the time during the transportation. That may or may not work.

6. If your time machine didn't work, why not use it to troll people? Tell people about ur machine, then watch them go to the Nether! :)

NOTE: This is just for entertainment. No hating if this doesn't work plz.

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08/09/2013 12:10 am
Level 24 : Expert Pokemon
SlenderMan2006's Avatar
>:( YOUR THE WORST YOU TOLD ME TO DO ALL THIS AND IT DIDINT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
08/10/2013 10:20 am
Level 12 : Journeyman Warrior
enderhater1's Avatar
Didn't you read the bottom? It said NOTE: This is just for entertainment. No hating if this doesn't work plz. Also, you are now on my ignore list.
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