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How to Create Your Own Character? 1. (Appearances)

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FeraasMB's Avatar FeraasMB
Level 20 : Expert Dragon
Hello to all who have decided on reading my blog.
This is part of a series i am writing about on how to make a character.
Why i am doing this is because sometimes there is a person out there who can make a character who is so incredible you go "Damn son, Where'd you get that".
So I want to be able to give advice on characters and how you can make them better,
thus i am making this series so enjoy.

How To Create A Character:

The basis of all a character is built upon mostly how they look. How your character looks will influence his or her abilities, origin and the type of person they are. For example a person with a white cape usually tends to be a good guy, but the white cape can also be used as a symbol for something else such as, a person who deceives others but acting and dressing like them. This is also true for the other way around where a darkly dressed person can be either the villain or a good guy pretending to be bad (this is known as 'reverse role').

Appearance can be influenced and can influence a characters abilities. Such as a person dressed as red could be a fire user and so on, but this isn't a golden rule that must be followed, it is usually to make the character seem more appealing when he or she uses their abilities.
Lets be honest no one wants to see a pink earth user now do they, because if you do then that's fine with me, your tastes, your opinion.

Looks also encourage a characters origins, it either influence how they dress or how the place they come is like. An example of this is a desert dweller, they can be usually seen wearing fully covered brown cloths or rags over their bodies to protect themselves form the sand storms and such or a knight in Armour can give the idea that he or she comes from a grand kingdom or such. This is not a rule, if you want to create mystery you can create a character who dosent fit their home such as an angel who comes from hell.

Finally, appearances are majorly affected by how a person is like. How they lived their life and how their childhood was like. It can also change if something like a major event happens to them such as a paladin who failed to protect someone might abandon their Armour and wear rags instead. Examples of how a characters appearance is linked with their personality, an angel who fights for God will wear bright gold-ish armour or a barbarian who thinks of nothing but smashing would wear rags and chain mail whilst madly swing an axe about.

Appearance is overall probably (in my opinion) one of the top 3 most important things to consider when creating a character. It is a major influence on how people see them as and can either get more people to read about them or less people to read about them, depends mostly on the character.

Please keep in mind that these are not Iron Rules that must be followed other wise your character will be awful. These are mostly tip on how to create one.

Thank you for reading this blog.

Link to the picture feraasmb.deviantart.com/art/FERAA-Homeworld-362588148

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11/13/2013 1:55 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Cool thanks for this i was having some trouble making a character
11/13/2013 2:22 pm
Level 20 : Expert Dragon
FeraasMB's Avatar
Your welcome, next part comes out soon so keep watching.
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