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How to decomplie a plugin / mod

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avatar fillpant
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Well i had a blog on some people giving out a "Anti DoS" plugin that actualy is a pluggin that makes them op when they do /opl

So here is a way to find if someone is trying to give you such a plugin:
this works with linux/windows/mac
  1. Download this: jd.benow.ca/ (go on "jd-gui" and chose your os)
  2. install it / execute it
  3. when it opens, load the plugin by chosing "open" and the file.
  4. check the code for: "setOP(true);"
    if that exists, check if it has somthing like that above it:
    somthing else here
    } else {
    somthing else here <-- BE SURE THAT HERE IS NO setOP(true);
  5. if it has somthing similar (that contains the "if player.hasPermission...")
    then you can install it. but if it does not DONT!

Tips: in any case if it contains setOp(true); i dont sugest you using it.
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