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How To Decorate In Minecraft!

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Level 22 : Expert Taco
I was playing minecraft earlier today when some minecrafter joined the game. The first thing I do to every player is welcome them to the server, so I did. And after I welcomed him, we got into conversation. We were actually having a great time and then he started acting frustrated. he said he was making a town and that he knew it was missing something but couldn't put his finger on what it was. So eventually I got tired of listening to him complain so I teleported to him and took a look at what he was building and when I did, I immediately noticed what it was missing. Decorations. You might be thinking this is a terrible idea for a blog but its funny how under rated and important decorations are. Even the smallest decorations such as a flower bed or even window shutters can make a world of difference to your build. And some people have trouble thinking of ideas for decorations and how you would build it in minecraft, well to help you guys I have a few designs that I find help a ton when building a house or building!

1. Window Shutters - Putting closed trapdoors on the sides of windows make great shutters!
2. Fish Tank - Two ice blocks with blocks of choice under them with two fish entities behind them.
3. Floors - Sometimes if you just put colored wool as the floor of the room it can help it look great! Especially Carpet!
4. Stoves - A furnace with a stone pressure plate on top of it looks just like a stove!
5. Fridge - Two iron blocks stacked with a iron door in front of it can be a great fridge.
6. Plant - A hardened clay block with 2 leave blocks on top of it looks like a bush!
7. Mailbox - Two fence posts stacked with a chest on top makes a handy mailbox!
8. Pool Table - 6 green wool placed flat with trap doors all along the sides makes a nice pool table.
9. TV - Place 3 wood blocks with 6 black wool on top of that with book shelf's along the sides look like a TV.
10. Bar Chair - One stair with signs on the side of it with a fence post under it makes it look like a bar chair!

So those are a few ideas you can use for making your house or building look great! Please leave your decoration ideas in the comment section below! Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon!
- MeGusta1O1
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09/05/2013 9:56 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Dragon
LeopardPrints avatar
Awesome, but maybe you could post screenshots of these ideas.
09/05/2013 10:23 pm
Level 22 : Expert Taco
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Good idea! I might update it soon and if I do I'll make sure to add pics :D
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