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How to easily make Minecraft Skins

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Ciaber's Avatar Ciaber
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Hi Foes!! Here Ciaber with another Blog (third followed!). This time is a Tutorial of how to easily make Minecraft Skins.
So, lets start!

  1. Think an idea. You need to be creative, inspirate on the Pop Reel, you need to know what is people liking now.
  2. Now, search a way to make Skins. You may use a program, like MCSkinEdit3D, or an Online App, like Skincraft
  3. Make a base. It needs to be simple, but must look good
  4. Shade it! Shading helps your Skin to look better.

How to Shade

To start shading, look for subtle colors than the base, more shiny or dark.
I will soon make a Tutorial of this. Now, keep calm and make Skins.

I hope this serve you a lot
Love, Ciaber <3

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