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How to find diamonds easily:

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Skullzar123's Avatar Skullzar123
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Hello My fellow minecraft players, I found a great way to find diamonds, It will require, A few TnT (ALOT of farming my best idea would be to make a monster trap.) After that, Get armoured up in diamond armour. And diamond tools.
Make a hole going down, Then tower up using the tnt. Oh allmost forgot. Do this near water, Just incase you dont play on peaceful, And dont want to get damaged on the way back down. Set off the tnt, And there should be some minerals around the edge's of the explosions, Get the minerals and fill them up with tnt, etc, And eventualy you should hit lava, Or a monster dungeon, Abondoned mine, Or if your very lucky, Strongholds, Mine around them and you should find diamonds, Or gold,lapis lazui atleast.

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