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[How To] Get Exp and Monster Resources |~(N)~|

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Noxped's Avatar Noxped
Level 24 : Expert Warrior
Hey, it's me Noxped, doing a blog in my blog series!

Today's blog is about

~How to Get Exp and Monster Resources~

Are you really bad at killing mobs? Here's your solution!


Resort 1 - Sleep and Get Stuff!

This is the most EASY way to get Exp and resources without even having to go outside: Wait till night and for monsters to spawn outside your house. When they are, go to sleep. When morning comes go outside and you'll see burning monsters and soon your EXP and resources!

Resort 2 - The Water Monster!

When morning, find a water supply (Mostly found in swamps, forests, or beaches). Usually, there would be monsters in the water, protecting themselves from burning in the sun. Once you see the monster, creep behind it in the water and quickly slay it (NOT recommended to try this with creepers or skeletons)!

Resort 3 - Lava <_< ...

Yup, the last call. Find a monster and a lava pool, push them in it, grab their goods and BOO YA you got yourself some nice (but HOT) things!

Lol. I really like doing these blogs and I hope you like reading them too! If you want me to do more of these things then just give this blog a diamond and a comment! Also, don't take these blogs too seriously, they are made to just give you guys a good laugh! Thanks for reading,

Noxped |~(N)~|

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11/14/2012 2:36 pm
Level 20 : Expert Architect
funkyfrog's Avatar
WOW ive done the creeper, zombie and steve. Perhaps make steve with a diamond sword on the other side!
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