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How to Install Optifine HD 1.13.1 with Shaders -

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Naul avatar Naul
Level 50 : Grandmaster Network
Step 1: Update your Minecraft

First we will update Minecraft to 1.13.1, Open your Launcher, go to "Launcher Options" -> Add New -> choose version 1.13.1.

How to Install Optifine HD 1.13.1 with Shaders -

Step 2: Download and install Optifine HD

Download Optifine HD here, and run the installer, click on install and wait, after a few seconds the optifine will be installed.

How to Install Optifine HD 1.13.1 with Shaders -

Step 3: Opening Minecraft with Optifine

Open your Minecraft Launcher, choose the Optifine profile to start, and click Play.

How to Install Optifine HD 1.13.1 with Shaders -

Step 4: Installing the Shaders Packs

With Minecraft open go to OPTIONS-> VIDEO SETTINGS-> SHADERS inside the Shaders window click on Shaders Folder, here you must put all Minecraft Shaders you downloaded.


If you have followed all the steps of this tutorial properly, your minecraft is ready, remembering that shaders and textures require a computer with good settings, if you have a lot of lag, see a tutorial on how to remove minecraft lag using optifine.

if you want to learn more about Optifine, I made a blog with lots of information about this amazing mod, worth reading.

You can download some textures on https://www.resourcepackstexture.com.

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05/21/2019 6:17 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
phyrefenix7 avatar
I followed the steps, but when I went to start the installation it just took me to a z-zip file. How do I activate the installer, and not open the zip?
09/29/2018 8:38 am
Level 56 : Grandmaster Engineer
ShelLuser avatar
OptiFine for Minecraft 1.13 isn't available yet, see the official website here.

I don't know what mod you're pointing us to but I would definitely advice readers not to trust this because, as mentioned, it's not the official OptiFine mod meaning that for all I know it could contain backdoor code which tries to steal our Minecraft accounts.

At the very least this mod looks like a very suspicious rip off because it's using the same name.

11/21/2018 11:06 am
Level 52 : Grandmaster Necromancer
Zoslore avatar
I'm pretty sure that this was written when unstable 1.13 optifine versions were available, but I could be wrong.
10/04/2018 4:35 pm
Level 70 : Legendary Cyborg
Cyprezz avatar
Anyone reading comments, they have now updated the download the link to the official website.
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