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[How to] kill the EnderDragon!

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Hello Boys and Girls today im going to show you How to kill the EnderDragon!

First off you need ALOT and i mean alot of supplies if your going to kill the Enderdragon!

STEP 1: Have Enchanted Diamond armor, Diamond sword, Potions, Bow and arrows.

STEP 2: Find the End Portal! In order to find the Ender portal you must find ender pearls and blaze powder to make a Eye of Ender! Right click the Eye of ender and it will fly in the air, follow it Ti'll it starts to go to the ground and past it.

STEP 3: Go in the Ender portal, and Fight the Ender Dragon! Remember to shoot at the Health orbs at the top of the Obsidian Towers so you can kill the Ender Dragon without having him regain Health. Then start shooting at him, then when he comes to attack you, bring out your diamond sword! and kill him!

STEP 4: Once you kill the EnderDragon, you've done it! Go through the portal and have a nice day in Minecraft!

Alternate Step 4: Once you kill the EnderDragon, Bring your sword and hold right click and left click to Retrieve the Dragon Egg! Keep it and go into your Minecraft world, or live in the End!

Hope you guys liked my blog about my how to: Kill the EnderDragon!
Sorry for the lack of Blogs, will be posting more soon!

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