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New Minecraft duplication for Minecraft heads!

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gooberboy11's Avatar gooberboy11
Level 40 : Master Demolitionist
Okay so i found the duplication Bug for the Minecraft Heads that were added in the new Minecraft 1.4.2 Update!

Works for Multiplayer only!

Step 1: Go to spawn and find a safe zone
Step 2: get your head and go to the safe zone (Spawn etc)
Step 3: Right click your head, and it will say you cannot build here, then your head will pop off, like if you would to break your head with your hands, you will then get an extra Head! Now keep doing this to get Infinite Heads!

Hope you enjoyed!

Can we get 5 Diamonds?

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Update #1 : by gooberboy11 10/28/2012 7:41:31 pmOct 28th, 2012

Make sure to hit that Diamond!

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12/07/2012 3:20 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Crafter
Popcorrnwn's Avatar
That is like "That's what she sad" Central
11/05/2012 2:59 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Archer
splinter54's Avatar
:o perfect,Now to get juice :3
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