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How To: Lighthouse and Docks! Editon #1, New Blog!

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Welcome to the very first, How To Make! It's a new blog I decided to try out, given the fact I have a lot of spare time to waste this weekend. I plan to upload at least once or twice a week, on weekends. My first blog was a rant on endermen, expecting them to be demonic hell-beasts that destroyed everything, but they turned out to be pleasant. So now, I turn to the route of telling everyone who reads how to build a nice little dock and lighthouse!


First, we build the lighthouse. But most importantly before we start construction, we need a place to build our lighthouse. You can use a current world, but I decided to start fresh with the world seed "Treehouse". Do note, it took me a bit to find an island, since it spawns in a huge ocean and there is next to nothing for (Minecraft) miles!

Picture of my small island: iowwpngiowwjpgiowwpng

After you find the beach/island you're building on, select your material. For this, I will be using Stone Bricks with a cobblestone base. The base of the lighthouse should be about 10 x 10, varying based on the amount of room you are working with. After laying out your base, make a 9 x 9 square on the base. Inside of your 9 x 9 square, place slabs of whatever material you please in a 8 x 8 square. I will use stone slabs. (Note, the 10 x 10 square WILL be hollow in order to place a door with the slabs. If you do not want this, do not use slabs.)

Now, begin ascending the 9 x 9 square into a wall. Build upwards three to four blocks before stopping, since we need to build an entrance. You can make a fancy piston doorway or something of the like if it appeals to you, but for now we will use a simple wooden door. On the side you want, build a 2 block high by one block wide hole and place a door. Continue ascending until a height is reached that you like. I will continue another 4 blocks high before the next step.

After you reach the height you so desire, go back to the floor of your lighthouse in progress. We must get to the top for the lighthouse to have a purpose, thus, we must use either:

  • Stairs
  • Ladders
Both of these haves their pros and cons. Stairs have the advantage of being safer and smoother, but taking longer to construct and climb. Ladders have the advantage of being quick and easy, but are dangerous if you arent paying attention.

For the sake of being a tutorial, I will decide to do a ladder. Use the ladder to climb up the lighthouse, and once at the top, make a floor that is the same size (and material, if you'd like) as the bottom floor. Now for the most important part of the lighthouse, the roof and light. In the center of the floor you recently constructed, place glowstone or controlled lava. Torches are not recommended since they are not as eye-catching as lava or glowstone.
(Protip: Build one block into your floor with the glowstone/lava and light up the rest of the lighthouse!)

Here comes the roof! Use fences on the corners of the wall to give support, or use glass for a window supporter. Either way, the roof is constructed in your choice of fashion, with stairs or without. I will use stairs, since I think they look a bit better than blocks for roofs. After you complete the roof, light up your lighthouse with torches if you didnt follow my tip, and then enjoy not being lost again after a long day on the sea!


Thank you for reading, and feel free to post opinions or links to the screen shots of your bootyful sea torch!
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