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How to: Make a cobblestone generator!

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San The Panja's Avatar San The Panja
Level 37 : Artisan Narwhal
OK, heres how to make a cobblestone generator:

Step 1: Get 1 lava bucket and 1 ice or 1 bucket of water.

Step 2: Break a 2 block deep hole

Step 3: Any direction away from it, 1 block, make another 2 block deep hole and then make a 1 block deep hole the same direction you were going

Step 4:place lava in 2 block deep hole from Step 2.

Step 5:Place water on the 1 block deep part of the 2nd hole

Step 6: Break the block that's between the lava and water

Step 7: Look at the picture above to see if it looks like that

Step 8: Now you have infinite cobblestone! hurray.......

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Also, I use the Faithful x32 Resource Pack

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