How to make a texture pack

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So, you want to make a texture of your own? You've come to the right place. It's not that hard. First, you'll need a few programs.

Note: This tutorial was made for Windows. If anybody has a Mac, and would like to translate this, please PM me. You'll get credit in the extra credit box at the bottom. This is needed badly. Thanks.

- Winrar (required)
- 7zip (alt. to winrar, works on macs)

Some sort of image editor that supports transparency

- (free, recommended, used in tutorial)
- GIMP (free, also recommended, not used in tutorial)
- Photoshop (not free, but is better than two above, not recommended if you don't have experience with it already)


After you downloaded Winrar and, we can get started.

Okay, when you have winrar/7zip, get to your .minecraft folder.

Steps to do this:

After that, go to bin. Right click minecraft.jar, select 'extract files..' NOT 'extract here'. Then, open the newly-created folder. Delete all files that end in .class. BE CAREFUL, as there's other files between them that are important. Rename the folder to what you want the texture pack to be named. Now, open terrain.png with, and start editing away! Remember to look through all the other folders/image files and edit them, as they're part of the pack, also.

When you're done editing, or want to check how it looks in-game:
1.) Go into folder
2.) Select all the files
3.) Right click, select add to compressed (zipped) folder
4.) Right click file, cut, paste into texturepacks folder
5.) Run the game, and select your pack

When you want to edit it again, you can just open the .zip with winrar, and edit from there, but make sure you're opening the files with

Texturing guides:
The All-Inclusive Guide to Texturing by steelfeathers (unfinished, but best by far)

For more tutorials like this, leave a diamond, and subscriiibe!
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