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How to Make a Two-Way Water Elevator!

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Hi! Glad you're reading my blog :)
Today, I will show you how to make a 2-way water elevator that changes direction (up or down) with the press of a button!

First thing's first: the
For the block-swapping circuit, you need:
  • 1 sticky piston;
  • 4 redstone dust;
  • 3 redstone torches;
  • 3 redstone repeaters;
  • 2 regular pistons;
  • 1 magma block;
  • 1 soul sand block;
  • 4 blocks of your choice (e. g., wool);
  • 1 button.
For the elevator, you need:
  • 2 signs;
  • a lot of glass or any other block of your choice;
  • n-1 water buckets, where n is the height of your elevator in blocks.
For the button on the top floor, you need:
  • 1 button (duh);
  • 1 sticky piston;
  • 1 redstone block;
  • a lot of redstone dust (depends on the height of your elevator. There isn't a general formula for it so bring as much as you can!)
  • a lot of blocks of your choice (same thing);
  • a lot of repeaters (keep in mind you have to place a repeater after every 15 placed redstone dusts!).
Steps 1-5: The Swapping Circuit
Step 1. The button will be just above the redstone dust on the red wool block. (Also, between the torch on the left and the sticky piston, place a repeater facing the sticky piston. Forgot to place it there.)
How to Make a Two-Way Water Elevator!

Step 2. Place some redstone dust on one of the blocks as shown. Then place the two regular pistons on top of the redstone torches.
How to Make a Two-Way Water Elevator!

Step 3. Place the soul sand and the magma as shown. Then, put some redstone dust on the second wool block.
How to Make a Two-Way Water Elevator!

Step 4. Now, place down a block of your choice and a button on top of it where the red wool is. Like so:

Step 5. Cover up the circuitry.
Steps 6-7: The Elevator Itself
Step 6.
Build up to the desired height with glass (or any block of your choice). Place two wall signs at the entrance. Like so:

Step 7. At the top, do this:

Notice that button? Well, under the block it's placed on, put a sticky piston holding a redstone block. Then, connect the button with the Swapping Circuit:

Pay attention to the signal strength though!
Step 8. Cover up all the circuitry.
Guess what?

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