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How to make an item sit flat on top of a block

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thetypinglizard's Avatar thetypinglizard
Level 36 : Artisan Engineer
This blog is about Armor Stands (also known as ArmorStand). Now I'm sure you've seen some youtube videos where there are items sitting flat on a block (the top of it). Well, you probably know the basics of Armor Stands (if not, go check it out on youtube, or the forums). /summon ArmorStand ~ ~.1 ~ {NoGravity:1,Pose:{RightArm:[0F,0F]},ShowArms:1} Well, there's a THIRD number of degrees. {Pose:{RightArm:[0F,0F,0F]}} Change the third number to 90 (or -90) and then click on it with your tool (the list is at the bottom) that you want to "set down". Just saying, you might want to make the armor stand invisible, because if not, then it won't look loike it's being set down on the block. And you can't kill the armor stand when it's invisible, so use this command: /kill @e[type=ArmorStand].  Here's how you make an ITEM, not a tool, sit on a block: /summon ArmorStand ~ ~.7 ~0 {Invisible:1,NoGravity:1,Pose:{RightArm:[-90F,-90F,90F,]},ShowArms:1} .

This is the finished command ,paste this command into a command block: /summon ArmorStand ~ ~.7 ~0 {Invisible:1,NoGravity:1,Pose:{RightArm:[-90F,-90F,90F,]},ShowArms:1,Invisible:1} 
Now Shift-Right Click on the command block with whatever block you want, and activaite the command block (ONLY ONCE).
To place down the item/tool, right click the center of the block

Thanks for reading!
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08/21/2018 6:03 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
SeriousGuy888's Avatar
Really great!

Since its a really old post tho, you now need to replace ArmorStand with minecraft:armor_stand.
Also to make it allow you to place the item in the block that you executed the command on, a small modification to the command will let you do that.

/summon armor_stand ~ ~-1.3 ~0 {Invisible:1,NoGravity:1,Pose:{RightArm:[-90F,-90F,90F,]},ShowArms:1,Invisible:1}
07/08/2018 6:02 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Kiralushia's Avatar
Isn't there a way to put it a little more up? I don't know commands, but I was trying to put a food on a plate on a table (cryfish furniture/decocraft) and it could word if the food was a little more up, so it could be in the plate. Just trying to understand how the command works-
04/09/2019 1:11 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Cmdb26's Avatar
For the plate i just placed a fence and then a pressure plate on top of the fence.

Then for the item, i did this for 1.12.2.

/summon minecraft:armor_stand ~ ~ ~ {Invisible:1,NoGravity:1,Pose:{RightArm:[-90F,-90F,90F,]},ShowArms:1}

Just copy and paste this in a command block and done! Hope i helped.:)
02/28/2018 5:40 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
EthanEV3's Avatar
I did

/summon armor_stand ~ ~ ~ {ShowArms:1,Small:1,Invisible:1,HandItems:[{id:"minecraft:diamond_sword",Count:1b},{}],Pose:{Body:[0f,0f,0f],LeftArm:[0f,0f,0f],RightArm:[90f,0f,-90f],LeftLeg:[0f,0f,0f],RightLeg:[0f,0f,0f],Head:[0f,0f,0f]}}


/summon falling_block ~ ~ ~ {Block:"minecraft:stone_slab",Data:0,Time:1,DropItem:0,Passengers:[{id:"falling_block",Block:"minecraft:0",Data:0,Time:0,DropItem:0}]}

i doesn't work perfectly, though
01/12/2018 2:49 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
MCArchitecture's Avatar
Please help, I used the command that Neocraftz shared in the comment section but It appears that the tool is facing down while it's vertical, and I want to put it horizontal, what command or parameters can you give me to fix my problem.
11/04/2017 9:01 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Miner
Starwarschamp4's Avatar
Amazing command dude!
09/07/2017 12:23 am
Level 1 : New Miner
skippyjonjones's Avatar
It worked, except for the fact it's just floating in the air? I'm not very good with commands, and don't really understand them, could somebody help me?
12/28/2016 10:12 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Explorer
Neocraftz's Avatar
just tried it out, you need to replace ArmorStand with minecraft:armor_stand in a command block.

So the finished command should look like: /summon minecraft:armor_stand ~ ~.7 ~0 {Invisible:1,NoGravity:1,Pose:{RightArm:[-90F,-90F,90F,]},ShowArms:1,Invisible:1}
12/28/2016 10:13 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Explorer
Neocraftz's Avatar
Same goes for the /kill command
08/27/2016 4:54 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
TiredFragger's Avatar
I do not understand how this works. The item is always floating and I am unable to place a block where it is. Can someone help. I am trying to get an item on a wooden plank.
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