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How to make cool minecraft pictures easily!

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PushBlock's Avatar PushBlock
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Well this tutorial is for people who want to make pictures like this:
But they don't know how!

So here in this tutorial i'll show you how to do this pictures online with no photoshop or stuff like that.
(The flying arrow on the picture was an error, but it did look good!)

So here we go!:

Step # 1: Enter nova skin on your browser, this is nova skin's link.

Step # 2: Click on the tab that is in the upper left of the page which is called *Pose*.

Step # 3: There are going to be like almost 8 poses and the buttons hold left and hold right, those buttons are for the character to hold the item you choose with the arm you choose. Below that will be lots of things you can slide there to change the character's body parts' position and bending. (With custom pose, you can move arms, head, and legs, but you can't bend body parts with that pose)

Step # 4: I recommend to use custom pose and move the body parts the way you want them to be (I don't know you, but it lags so much to me) and then you slide those things and bend it how you want. When you finish editing click the camera icon on the upper right side as the picture shows.

Step # 5: Enjoy your easily made piece of minecraft art!


Final Product (I edited it, you can't add clouds to it, obviously):


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If you want to use this picture then you need to credit me.

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Update #1 : by PushBlock 07/30/2013 5:55:17 pmJul 30th, 2013

Forgot to add pic... LOL XD

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07/30/2013 6:18 pm
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07/30/2013 8:41 pm
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