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How to Monster Proof your House

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CopDoctorLawyer's Avatar CopDoctorLawyer
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Have you ever wanted to zombie proof your house, but aren't good with redstone and don't want to light up every block for 10 miles? Well now you don't have to, and i'll tell you why in one second! First here's a little back story... (rippling flash back sounds) So this Minecraft playthrough i decided to live in a desert, because i had spawned right next to an exposed mob spawner, wich i decided would be my XP grinder. This being a desert, monsters were spawning every wich way, around my mob spawner, farm and house. So i decide it was time i thought of a way to block them out.

I got to work. The jungle near by would be my main source of wood, as i hastely build over 300 fences, fortunatley all the things in my "complex" were near by, so fencing the entire area wouldnt take too much work. After fencing out the zombies, and lighting up the fence boarder, and the inside of my complex, i never had one more creeper blow up something i worked hard on.

In conclusion, to zombie proof your house today! All you need is a couple of fences, and a few torches. I hope this helped! :)

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