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How to Put Texture/Resource Packs to Your Minecraft [PC]

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Here's my 2nd tutorial anyway so I hope you like it too!

Today,I'm gonna show you how to download texture or resource packs to Minecraft in the PC version.Here it is:

  • First,locate your .minecraft folder.To get there,click the Start button on the bottom-left corner on your computer/desktop.Click on the Search Tab and type %appdata%.Then click on the "Roaming" folder that appears.You can also open your "Run" program and type in the Search Tab %appdata% and it will automatically open the "Roaming" folder for you.Find the .minecraft folder there in the "Roaming" folder.
  • Then go to the texturepacks folder if you are using texture pack or go to the resourcepacks folder if you are using resource packs.If you need to patch your minecraft so that you can use it correctly,go to the link here to download MC Patcher to patch your minecraft. (Make sure you no mods installed first!)
  • Then place your texture/resource pack to the texturepacks/resourcepacks folder.
  • Then your done!Just close the .minecraft folder and open up Minecraft.There are a few things to note first,so here are they:

  1. Starting in 1.6.1 to 1.7.2,make sure to pick the MCPatcher profile in order your HD texture packs to work.
  2. Starting at versions 1.5 the texture packs button has been moved to the options menu

Sorry if make mistakes again,just tell me where it is okay?

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