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How To Summon The Wither Storm in VANILLA MC! Command Creation

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CreeperLadMC avatar CreeperLadMC
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For any one of you guys out there who’ve played Minecraft: Story Mode, you’ve probably been thinking about whether the infamous WitherStorm actually exists in vanilla MC. Even though it doesn’t (officially) exist, with the following steps you’ll be able to summon you very own customized WitherStorm (still has AI but will not attack you)!

Step One: Create a team by executing the following command:

/scoreboard teams add Players Players

Replace “Players” with whatever awesome name you wanna use.

Step Two: Add yourself to the team.

/scoreboard teams join Players @p

Step Three: Spawn a Wither on the Players team with this command:

/summon WitherBoss ~ ~1 ~ {CustomName:"WitherStorm",CustomNameVisible:1,Invulnerable:1,Team:"Players"}

Step Four: Set the gamerule “MobGriefing” to false, then, also execute this command:

/scoreboard teams options Players friendlyfire false

Great! So now, you’ve got yourself a Wither that won't attack you! (Or simply can't)

Step Five: Obtain yourself a repeating command block, and type in the following command:

/tp @e[Type=FallingSand] @e[Type=Witherboss]

Then, activate it with a lever or a continuous redstone power source.

Step Six: With the help of a command block, execute this command:

/summon FallingSand ~ ~2 ~ {NoGravity:1b,Block:command_block,Data:0,Time:1,DropItem:0}

Great job! You’ve now summoned your very own WitherStorm! High five!

The Logic of The Build: By creating a scoreboard team, joining the team and summoning a Wither on that team, then setting the game rule “friendlyfire” to false, you’ve made yourself invulnerable to the Wither’s (accidental) attacks, and also prevented the Wither from attacking you (I hope). The Wither will also be unable to destroy blocks due to the fact that the game rule MobGriefing has been set to false. By summoning a FallingSand entity customized to look like a command block and continuously teleporting it over to the Witherboss, you’ve made yourself a WitherStorm!

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09/23/2018 12:58 pm
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What verisen is it?
01/24/2018 4:47 pm
Level 1 : New System
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it doesn't work :(
09/24/2017 6:54 am
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nice but thats dantdm`s video why did you post that eh?
02/19/2017 6:03 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Fisherman
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fix for mc 1.11.2
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