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How to Survive and thrive on a PvP Faction Server!

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In this Tutorial, I will give you tips on how to Survive and Thrive on a PvP Faction Sever. At the end I will also give a few PvP IP's to play on incase you are currently looking for a PvP Server!

1. Make your faction base FAR FAR AWAY from spawn! If your Faction base is close to spawn, it is very likley for a player to find the base, if you have it far away from spawn, it is much less likely and it always a good idea to try to keep your faction base hidden from other players.

2. Only invite people you trust into your faction! If someone randomly joins the server and you invite them to your faction, 50% of the time they will simply steal your items then leave your faction, it is best to get to know a player before inviting him/her into your faction. Also try to stick with people you already know.

3. Claim land way beyond your base. Even though your base may be claimed by your faction, if you claim the land around your base it will be more difficult for another faction to raid your base in the event that they are able to locate your base. For example, if only the land that your base is on is claimed someone can make a TNT cannon right next to your base and blow right in, however if the land around your base is also claimed then they will have to make the tnt cannon much farther away from your base which means it will be harder to get into your base!

4. Make ally's! Although it is not bad to have a few enemy's, you also want ally's too. If possible. try to make ally's with Factions that are stronger then you so they can better help you become a developed faction. Also try to have more ally's then enemy's! If you have too much enemy's it's more likely you can get raided!

5. Use Obsidian to make your base! Although it is a pain to mine, using obsidian for your base will make it immune to TNT, that means even if another faction manages to find your base, they will not be able to use TNT to get into it!
A few tips on how to mine Obsidian with ease is to get an Efficiency pickaxe or if the server has MCMMO, use Superbreaker when able to!

6. Cover your base with water! Maybe you can't find Obsidian or are simpily too lazy to mine it, well an easier way to better protect your base is completly cover it in water, this will also prevent other factions from using TNT to get into your base because if TNT touches water it will not blow up.

I hope these tips helped you! Below are a few PVP Server IP's to consiter playing on if you are looking for a PVP Server!

1. PVP.MC247.NET (Medium Population)
3. PVP.FEARPVP.NET (High population)

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11/21/2012 7:44 am
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Add the Ip pvp.lostcraft.net
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