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Minecraft PvP Tips!

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Like Minecraft but suck at PvP? Well if so, you came to the right place. The first thing you must know is that Mods/Hacks are not the answer to a good PvPer. All this shows is that you truley do suck at PvP and will often get you banned on servers. In this short Blog I will give you tips on how to PvP without using cheats.

1. Know your opponent.It's always a good idea to have a little backround on someone who you will be PvPing, this means understanding what armor/sword enchants they have, do they fight fair? Do they hack? By answering these questions you can better understand what your getting yourself into.

2. In battle, always have a bow with you. Having a bow will allow you to do damage before the opponent is able to get to you with there sword, if the opponent also has a bow, it's best to try to have a better bow then them or have a good skill with bows so that you still have the overall advantage.

3. Do not PvP log! Often times servers have a plugin that prevents PvP logging, if you PvP log with this plugin on the server, you will become into what is known as an NPC (Non Playing Character) the opponent is able to kill this NPC and the NPC will drop items that you logged with in your inventory, when you log in you will be dead.

4. Use WATER!!!! If you know that your opponent has a sword with the Fire Aspect enchantment it's always good to have a water source around the battle zone, if possible try to lure your opponent into the water, this will prevent Fire Aspect from having any effect. If no water source is around you, then you can also use rain which will act the same way as water.

5. Use running to your advantage! If your at low health, don't be afraid to do what is known as "Kiting" this is basically running around with your opponent chasing you to regenerate health. This especially good if you have a bow because you can shoot them to get there health down to around yours to maintain a safe standing in the fight.

I hope these tips helped you! Don't forget to comment and subscribe for more tutorials!

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11/25/2012 9:04 pm
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