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How to Survive the Wonderful World of Minecraft Multiplayer 2.0

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Drakeh's Avatar Drakeh
Level 45 : Master Nether Knight
Hey guys! I've been recently doing some revising and happened to take a look at my old HSWWMM. It seemed, I don't know, a little sloppy to me. Too serious. So now I've updated it biatch! Let's get started.

Note: Keep in mind that this tutorial is based off of my experiences in Multiplayer. Results may vary. Emphasis on "may."

Minecraft, a game where you can do whatever you want to do. A place to roam the world and build whatever crap you can think of. Sometimes, you get lonely, the villagers provide little satisfaction in knowing that you're not alone. You turn to Multiplayer, a portal to hundreds of thousands of servers that millions of people connect to every day.This place isn't at all a safe haven, there are still a lot of things that can happen to you. This is why I'm here.

Servers are like Friends, the Best Come with Benefits: Might as well pat yourself on the back. Finding a server that is both appealing and fun can be a daunting thing to do. Friendly staff, free build, pvp, donor's benefits, and fun plugins can make a perfect server.


Day 1: Now that you joined the server, this is where things get real. The first thing that you should do is read the rules if the server has any, this is a small but noteworthy act of respect that CAN take you a long way. After that, go out and do the same thing that you would do in a single-player survival map. Go cut down some trees and get some food. Building a house is not your priority just yet, and just be conscious about the fact that there are other players and resources can be scarce. If in the moment that you can't find anything, just ask around. There may be some cool people out there that'll give you some stuff no questions asked, but most of the time this isn't true. Don't always count on other players.


Build a house: When you've gathered enough materials go right ahead and build a place to stay. An amazing house will increase your chances of survival and your popularity on the server! Make your crib stylish but not too fancy, as this may attract nuisances. Please, just please don't be desperate enough to make a block of dirt your home, it'll get wrecked and some servers do not allow them.


Alliance!: The best thing to do right now while you're sort of new to the server is to forge a team with your of your newly made friends. You and your posse can go out and look for resources together, and share them. The best way to prosper on a server is to have other people prosper with you. Take note that some players aren't trustworthy at all and might betray you, the best way to avoid this happening is either to make a faction or to not bribe players into joining your club. Making an alliance is easy, just type "Would anyone like to team up?" in Chat.


Juggernauts, Juggernauts everywhere: That's right, the Juggs. I have met players that think they are so important and powerful because they have a full set of diamond armor and tools. They stroll around the map proudly and usually own a powerful faction or have big houses and whatnot. Just try to avoid them if possible, unless you can trust one. They can bribe you with items such as diamonds or food or a special spot in their faction. Please, as an act of caution, do not walk into a Faction base unless you are already in the faction. Walking into an area with a lot of people that can kill you easily isn't wise. If you happen to see a Jugg on your travels, just walk away. If they take action, run or teleport back to your house, be warned that teleportation is not always the best option because most servers have a wait limit when typing "/spawn." In a nutshell, don't always trust someone in full diamond gear.


Conflict Shmonflict: No one in their right mind likes it when they are murdered and all of their hard-earned items are stolen. This is probably the worst feeling and the main consequence to PVP. Avoiding a dual is the best way to not get your items picked up off of the floor and taken by another player. Some instances of conflict would be if you stumbled into a fellow player's land and angered them, like an old guy down the street that doesn't like kids on his lawn. Get off this fool's property and go on with your day.

Don't be an absolute ditz and try to fight people unarmed. ANYTHING can happen in unarmed combat, even the most unexpected things. Get at least a stone or iron sword so you can finish the battle quickly.

When someone is building a house, as an intelligent human being just leave them alone. Don't grief and ruin the peace, because then this gives them every right to attack you.


Behave Yourself Damn it!: Seriously guys just read the rules and follow them. Respect can take you a long way, trust me. I once got Creative on a server for being the first person to actually read them.


Creepers and Spiders and Ghasts Oh my!: Monsters are the enemies that spawn at night or in dark places that can ruin your entire experience in the server. As a new player, it can be tough to fight these guys. My suggestion is to stay in your house or another safe place until you become more advanced and can fight mobs with ease.


Make Some Money!: You know how sometimes there's stuff that just fills up your inventory slots that you don't need? Someone else is likely to need/want them. Most servers have a market or a "/sell" command that you can make money off of your useless junk, sort of like eBay.


More to come!



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Update #2 : by Drakeh 06/29/2013 7:16:40 pmJun 29th, 2013

Fixed some grammatical errors, and removed profanity. I'm a little more mature than I was seven months ago, and the blog does not need it.

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06/28/2013 10:32 pm
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Amazing, love it!
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