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Tips & Tricks MC Survival Games [ Thanks for Pop Reel (: ]

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Drakeh avatar Drakeh
Level 45 : Master Nether Knight
[Thank you so much everyone for making this my most popular blog!]

Hey guys!

So I've been playing the Survival Games a LOT lately. I got my two youngest brother's accounts from their low score of 43-56 to over 200. As for me, I didn't do as well because I became careless. I decided to write another Tutorial Blog but this time MCSG edition.

Let's get started!!!


Cornucopia: Before every game begins, there's the notorious cornucopia. The infamous circle of chests that every player fights for and tries to reach as fast as possible before their opponents.

Once the countdown to the match begins, scope out the ONE chest that you want to grab. Be smart about this. Run as quickly as possible to get to that one chest, and once you open it, HOLD DOWN SHIFT and click the items rapidly. Then dip the area, for a lot of tributes get killed in the first minute of the game sometimes.

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor. Just Yours: Before the match, when you're in the lobby, just fool around and see if you can forge a team. Before some people complain and say "teams are for nubs" let me just say having a team has saved my life lots of times before. If you don't believe in teams, forge one and ditch them later or use them as bait. I know this might be harsh, but heck, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Just this very morning I had a team member, I forgot her username. A player came to attack me as I waited for my teammate to come out of a building that I had exited first. As soon as I saw the player I ran away and I saw that he had killed my teammate. I was quite relieved I had lost my teammate, but also I felt kind of bad for not warning her of the incoming threat.

I wasn't doing too good, I didn't have a sword and I just had gold leggings for armor. I hid from two tough players and then continued on. I came across a trail that another tribute was killed on, and luckily most of their items were still there. I now had leather armor with gold leggings. This brings me to my next tip:

Don't be so Hard on Yourself: Even if you have a rough start (you couldn't grab anything from the cornucopia) it's best to keep your hopes up. There are chests all over the map and you may even get extremely lucky playing the game.

Runnin' Runnin', Runnin' Away: The key to survival is to always move around (same goes for COD). If you stick to one spot early in the game, you rule out getting better items from other chests around the map, and you actually make yourself easier to find. Running can be your best bet when it comes to being chased by a person that has better items equipped, this brings me to my next tip:

To Chase, or not to Chase? That is the Question: If you have ever felt the great feeling of having good armor equipped and a decent sword, then you know what it feels like to have nothing. If you see another tribute, and they hardly have items, you might think "wow! Easy points!"

This is where it's best to make a good decision. Should you chase after that lowly player? Should you waste some of your precious hunger bar for only a few points? If something tells you yes, then go for it. Trust your gut. However if ever in the moment you get a bad feeling about something, then it's best to try to avoid the situation.

Early in the survival games, I once had full iron and a stone sword. I saw a tribute that didn't really have anything, so I went for it. The player put up a little chase, I managed to reach him/her, but then out of NOWHERE two guys who apparently had the same idea came out and totally wrecked me. I died, and lost points just because of another tribute. Worst part about it is that they gave the tribute I was chasing my items :P

Being Chased?: I hate it when this happens. If you are being chased by another tribute, I suggest you run as fast as possible and look for ways to divert your enemy. Run around corners, run up stairs, run every direction you can think of. If you are being chased by TWO PEOPLE and they split up to get you, say goodbye to some of your points. There is no way out of this. Unless...

A few games ago I was being chased by a couple guys, and it was intense. I frantically looked around for something to get them to stop chasing me, but it was hopeless. Then, I had the idea to hop over a fence(which I did because there was a slab next to the fence) and I fell something like, thirty blocks onto the hard floor. I only had one heart left, but the good thing was that they stopped chasing me.

The Chests have Refilled!: This is always a good feeling, but it also means bad things. If you're like me, who has never been able to grab the chests from the cornucopia when the chests refill, you know that the good players with great items now have better items. This makes the game extremely hard and unless you have great items, then you're most likely to die fighting. You just might get some good items before the deathmatch begins, but hey that's luck.

Team? Now? It's the Middle of the Game!: Guys, please, as the smart players you are, do not make this bad decision.

If you are in the middle of a game and someone says "let's team" please be cautious. You wouldn't believe how many people I've killed and how many people have killed me because of this sly maneuver. Please, make sure that if you're going to forge a "team" do it in the lobby. The game is no place to make alliances, for you can't trust anyone.

A Warning about Teams: Alright guys, so this tip is about trust. You can't have any trust with ANYONE unless you know them personally or are Skyping with them.

If you are in a two-person team, if your teammate has better items than you (i.e better sword) than please leave that team. You are not going to win a fight with that person if they betray you, which they probably will because the temptation will be insane. Do yourself a favor and ditch your "teammate."

My Fist Hungers for Death: This happens almost every dang time I'm in the Cornucopia. Some people start attacking each other with fists. Fists?! Are you kidding me?!

Fists are the weakest weapon in the game. Why? Because it takes 20 hits to kill another player. Ain't nobody got time fo' dat!

I beg you guys to stop being desperate noobs and only use your fist to knock a fellow teammate away from something you wanted, because you wouldn't want to hurt them.

Never Underestimate Your Opponent: In the Survival Games, the only thing that can't happen is mobs spawning. ANYTHING else can happen while you play. One thing you should never do is no matter how obvious it may seem, never underestimate another tribute. The lowly player you see without items that you may think is weak may be hiding an enchanted diamond sword and a flame bow.

Is it Hot in Here or is just me? It is Just me!: Flint & Steel. My my, what a trusty thing to have in your inventory. I've been killed TWICE in the death-match just because of Flint & Steel, and I had full iron! Fire proves to be incredibly damaging and useful for all opponents. To use it properly, if your enemy is charging towards you, create a wall of flames just before they reach you so they can burn to a crisp. Once they are engulfed, that's when you attack. You will most likely win the fight, because your opponent is struggling to find a way to rid themselves of the fire.

Cherry Picker Eh?: I got extremely lucky and won because of this. At the death-match, I was certain I was going to die when I saw the two guys next to me. When it began, my first thought was to run for it, but then I saw that they were attacking EACH OTHER instead of going FOR ME. When they were fighting it out, I ran over, killed them both with a wooden sword, and won the Survival Games on Teweran SG 2.

Does the map Change the Difficulty?: In my opinion, some maps are HARDER than others. In some maps it's easier to find items whereas in others not everyone gets full iron armor and diamond swords near the end of the game. Here are the maps (in my opinion) that are the hardest to win:

-Survival Games 4

-Breeze Island

-Survival Games 1

-Teweran Survival Games 2

-Demon's Breeze (same as Breeze Island, but with lava)

-Survival Games 2


-Holiday Resort

Here are the easier ones:

-Survival Games 5

-Teweran Survival Games 3 Futuristic City

-Survival Kingdom

-Survival Games 3

-Valleyside University


Shift up in this Hizzee: Use shift whenever grabbing items from chests (hold shift and click the items). This dramatically decreases the time it takes to grab the items and gives you a head-start to run away.

Right-Click FTW!!!11!1!1!: If in the moment you grab a bunch of armor from chests and haven't equipped them yet, just scroll over to the item and right click. This is so much faster than pressing E and equipping the items by click and drag.

Mercy? That's not in my Vocabulary: Unleash the fury if you can. You get points, plus you look like a bad-ass.

What Kind of Player are You?: (Just a little personality quiz, don't answer based on the tips, please answer based on your judgement) :D

Q: You grab a stone sword from the Cornucopia, do you:

A. Attempt to kill everyone in reach.

B. Run away, kill people later.

C. Hang out at the Cornucopia.

D. Drop it, you'll find a better weapon.

Q: You find another tribute that's weak. Do you:

A. Kill them, they deserve no mercy.

B. Ask to team, then kill them when their back is turned

C. Give them some of your items.

D. Team up the entire game.

Q: You're being chased by two people, then they split up. Do you:

A. Fight back, if you're going to die, then die fighting.

B. Drop some items and tell them to truce until death-match. Then kill one of them, but the other kills you.

C. Run away and attempt to hide.

D. Give up, they're going to kill me anyway.

Q: A teammate is going for a chest that you mentally claimed. Do you:

A. Hit them away from it, it's my chest.

B. Kill them if you can. They can no longer be in the team.

C. Share the items, but they secretly keep the good stuff.

D. Let them have it.

Q: You are having a pretty good team with another tribute. Do you:

A. Team up until death-match to kill any other opponents. Then fight to the death with fists.

B. Kill them when their back is turned, you can't have the same happen to you.

C. Split up and look for items.

D. Stick together, then wait out the death-match so you both can "win."

Q: You won the Survival Games by yourself! Do you:

A. Throw all of your items in celebration.

B. Throw all of your items in celebration.

C. Throw all of your items in celebration.

D. Throw all of your items in celebration.

Mostly A's (The Bruiser): You're the aggressive type. The type that usually dominates the games. You have no time for fooling around, and you realize the games are serious business even though they aren't. When you fight, it usually goes down in your favor.

Mostly B's (The Opportunist): You're a sneaky little one. You trick and you backstab. You realize things might go out of hand even with your closest friends, and you leave nothing to chance. You have no time and use for teaming, it'd just slow you down.

Mostly C's (The Nice One): You're not the most skilled of the bunch, and you're probably not the best fighter either. However, you use great judgement and would make a good team leader.

Mostly D's (The Ditz): You gon' die.

FAQ ATTACK: (Please feel free to ask me any other questions you may have)

Q: Do you have to have skill to win?

A: Obviously.

Q: Do you get points from winning?

A: Fifty-Seventy (50-70)

Q: How many points do I get from killing another tribute?

A: (Based on your opponents points, the points you get from killing them differentiates)

Thanks for reading guys! And thank you so much for front page!!!

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10/15/2013 5:49 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
Mr-Jaskirat avatar
awesome blogs, i luv em all. I play mcsg too, 420- 440 wins about:D my fav map is avaricia, wuts urs?
08/25/2013 4:56 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Skinner
a dead boi
a dead boi avatar
i also ways painc when i get attaked from the back so i end up not reacting :(
but my best kill was when me and this girl looted the same chest she said team i killed her lol
08/16/2013 7:55 am
Level 42 : Master Ninja
Darkflame2050 avatar
I won and got 4 points for it. xD Thats less than the points I got for killing the person to win.
08/07/2013 12:17 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Electrician
finglelpuppl avatar
hey i just found out that you get exactly 5% of the players points you kill and they loose the same
07/29/2013 9:33 pm
Level 21 : Expert Artist
Daisy Rose
Daisy Rose avatar
I won the games with a brick, a clock, and a flint and steel. That was all I had. I normally run as fast a can and don't take from the chests. I win by that. everyone starves while I'm safe in a tree. My favorite HGs are district though, where you have the districts and everything and the games are long lasting with sponsors and everything.
07/29/2013 10:22 pm
Level 45 : Master Nether Knight
Drakeh avatar
That seems to be the hardest way to ever win. Props (: buuuut, have you ever played death-match?
07/29/2013 10:35 pm
Level 21 : Expert Artist
Daisy Rose
Daisy Rose avatar
Yeah, but to me it's not as fun. I like to paly the extended versions, because you can skin win without killing everyone in your sight! XD Still, if someone finds the tree your end, you gotta do something about it. :(
07/29/2013 8:04 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Mage
FluffyflodaMC avatar
I have another tip: Skype pplz you know :P Stronger teams.
07/29/2013 8:15 pm
Level 45 : Master Nether Knight
Drakeh avatar
Skype is pretty reliable (:
07/29/2013 7:50 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Engineer
[Colors] avatar
Just wondering, did you get the idea from me? I really like the tips you gave, they are much better than mine anyways XD
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