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How to Use downloaded Resource Packs (Mac 2020) (ALL VERSIONS) [NO MODS]

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How to use downloaded resource packs Mac 2020

1. Download a resource pack that you want in a .zip file.

2. Find your Minecraft folder
To find your Minecraft folder...
  • Right click Finder on your Dock.
  • Then click "Go to Folder"
  • Type ~/library/Application Support
  • Scroll down and find the folder titles "minecraft" (no caps)
WAIT. Don't open the folder.

3. Drag the folder to your sidebar.

4. Now find your resource pack that you downloaded.

5. Drag that to the Minecraft folder on the sidebar.

6. Go to your Minecraft folder.

7. Drag the resource pack file into the folder titled "resourcepacks"

You're done!
You can rename it by right-clicking and click rename. Then type the name you want it to be called. Don't delete the .zip part!

Still confused? Check out this really helpful video!

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