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How To Use The Skincraft Skin Editor... OFFLINE!

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Hey guys! Lately I've come back to skinning! I haven't found any program fit for the mac, except for skinedit (guh no 1.8 or alex).  If you know any other programs for skinning on mac, plz comment it on this blog!

Anyway, before Paril's osm MCSkin3D has a mac version, let's see how to use the popular online skin editor Skincraft (by newgrounds.com) offline!  I mean, you can also do it on a windows computer, but windows ppl would probably prefer MCSkin3D anyway.

Let's get started! BUT BEFORE YOU START, I GOTTA TELL YA SOMETHIN: If you're too lazy and you trust me to do the work for you, read the last 2 paragraphs of this blog to get the direct link to download the html!

First, go to one of these sites with the Skincraft game on it.

Newgrounds [OFFICIAL]
Monsters & Critics
Minecraft Mini Games
Kano Games

Once you've gotten onto the page and the game loads, you'll see something like this:
Everybody's TEMPTED to hit that play button, but don't. Click on the 'Want Skincraft on your website? Click here for the latest version' thing. It'll take you to Afro-ninja's Skincraft site.  And you know what I'll tell you to do.  Just click the link that says 'Click here to download the Skincraft hosting package'.  It'll download the package.

When you get the zip file, open it up to get a folder.  Now open THAT up to get a bunch of images, this weird swf file, and an html.  Don't delete anything (and this is from EXPERIENCE) and just simply drag the folder where you want it to be! And just click on the html (called skincraft.html) to get to your offline version of it!  Of course, it's a trick because we're not using it for our website or anything like that, but still, at least we can use it offline.


So, if you were too lazy to follow the download directions, go to this link.
Link to Download Package for Lazy People
And yeah! When you get the file, unzip it, don't delete the random images and other files, and just... click on skincraft.html when you wanna use it!

Thanks for readin! Tell meh if this was useful to you! Diamond if it helped you, and... yeeeahhhh subscribe for skins, blogs, projects, etc whatever random thing i think of!


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