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How to use your Diamonds!

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spinosauraus's Avatar spinosauraus
Level 20 : Expert Hunter
Please promote clicking the diamond button.. Thank you!

here's from the first thing to craft to the last thing to craft List!!

1. Diamond Pickaxe
2. Diamond Sword
3. Diamond Axe
4. Diamond Boots
5. Diamond Helmet
6. Diamond Leggings
7. Diamond Chestplate
8 Diamond Shovel

Why should I craft Diamond Tools first?:
Because you'll need these tools to get to diamonds even quicker!

Why should i craft a sword?
It does alot of damage to mobs (You'll need it alot in Boss battles)

Why should i craft armour last?
Because diamond armour is not that needed! you can already take anything with your Iron armour.

Why should i never craft a Diamond hoe?
it saves diamonds

What about Diamond Block?
For real, Diamond Blocks are just for decoration, which makes it the least important!

What about a Jukebox? it uses a Diamond!
It is worth it, trust me! relaxing in minecraft sounds cool right!

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by spinosauraus 12/04/2012 7:38:34 pmDec 4th, 2012

*Changed things round due to comments!

*Added in jukebox into text!

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12/04/2012 12:25 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Crafter
GTTE's Avatar
The diamond sword should be second because it gives ALOT of damage :3
12/04/2012 7:31 pm
Level 20 : Expert Hunter
spinosauraus's Avatar
ill change things around if its really important
12/04/2012 11:58 am
Level 15 : Journeyman Skinner
sykes_george's Avatar
Hoe is needed more than shovel.
why you may ask, dirt,gravel and sand can be broken by hand. can you till dirt bye hand, no you can't. you think iron is good enough for tilling dirt. maybe for a noob farmer with 3tilled blocks of dirt to make bread. but for PRO GAMERS you maybe want a big farm for trading with villagers and making lots of bread not just to survive.
and diamond chestplate last, i understand you want a diamond pickaxe first and not armor, but you never want to make boots first if you can afford better.
so you did NOT mention giving diamonds for this blog, and that is good because this crap don't deserve it. -MCsyko
12/04/2012 11:40 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
GriefersSuck's Avatar
No diamonds for you. Wow. I guess I'm an idiot for crafting a diamond hoe? What if I wanted to? Do I HAVE to follow your instructions? If you were "NEVER EVER" supposed to craft one, then explain why Notch added them into the game?! I'm a farmer, I love hoes. I'm a pro player, I'll craft what I want! But seriously, diamond shovel for number 2? I use iron or stone... Anyways... PEACE!!!
12/04/2012 10:59 am
Level 1 : New Miner
TheDrewster119's Avatar
You wouldn't exactly need a diamond shovel. An iron shovel is fine. Of course, you can also destroy dirt with your hand :P
12/04/2012 7:50 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Hunter
Huntersky's Avatar
diamond shovel as second i mean like seriously bro? and diamond armor is needed MUCH you dont get anything from me
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