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How to Win the Hunger Games!

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avatar TreeChoppers
Level 30 : Artisan Hunter
hello everyone! im going to teach you today, how to win hunger games without any hacks (hacks are for noobs -.-) just an addition to your skill of hunger gaming

wining a hunger games doesn't need skills

anyone can win! even a trapped guy in the hunger games arena could win! as long as you dont give up easily and have an aggresive fighting skill! even your an underdog

Not really the most important part of the game, but you might worth a try! only team with friends you know well or you will end up like me! (betrayed,greedy friend, cancelling teams when we are both on the same place) i won't really recommend this to you cause when you ask for teams, it will show you that you aren't independant enough to win yourself!

Steps of winning the hunger games

first of all, join an arena (of course). when the game are about to start, look around! look the amount of chest,players,surrounding and suspicious places. if the players are fewer then the chest, then go for the middle chest but if not, run behind your place where you start.

you need to play quite a while in the hunger games to know the location of the chest or at least spectate the arena so when you are desperate of items/food/weapon/armors you can go there and hope no one had looted it yet. when the game starts, you can just run around your treack where you cna gather chests! but you also need to watch out for traps! look out for pressure plates camo-ed on wooden planks and stone cause they can be deadly sometimes.

when you know your tracks,traps and chest location when the game starts, you can just run to your track and take the chests, once you take the chest you can type /hg list to list the players still alive in the hunger games. and search for your prey!

Attacking and finding players!
while searching, make sure you eat to restore hunger and look back every once in a while to prevent you from being backstabbed XD.when searching, you just simply run around the arena in hoping to meet someone. lightnings shows the location of the players when the amount of players have been dropped into a several amounts. when you meet someone, sneak up from the back to look at his armors and weapons. some people are sneakky enough to not show their weapons which is a good strategy when trying to lure someone. so you must sneak up from behind to kill them easily.

this is probably the hardest part. when you battle, make sure you jump everytime you land an attack to cause critical attacks and deal more damage! and when your health is pretty low, just run a way from players avoiding obstacles and stuff, so you need to hav a good parkour sk8ills on this or you'll end up like me --".

The Chase
this is either chasing or being chased. you must look at your hunger bars so you can run. watchout for sprint glitches though! and whatever you do, DON'T EVER LOOK BACK! when they say your a coward, tell them its a strategy

When the game ends
When the game ends, whether you lose or win, just simply say gg (good game) to show that your a fair competitor. when you win, dont get too cocky and watchout cause the next round, others will probably aim for you. watch for comments also cause someone might realize your strong and ask for teams!When you lose, congratulate the winner and don't insult them! they played fair!

remember! to hunt or to be hunted! you better get your equipments fast before you and up getting your ass whooped! and to make sure you are not feeling so nervous, try to listen to epic battle song which will make you feel a little more confident! I simply listen to the theme song of pirates of carribean XD. but dont listen to musics like teletubbies --".


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06/23/2013 3:16 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Crafter
wining a hunger games doesn't need skills

and have an aggresive fighting skill!

03/19/2013 10:16 am
Level 18 : Journeyman Dragonborn
Nice tips, I learnt Survival Games/Hunger Games the hard way, on my own (or with friends, but no tips), just dieing until I win. Well, still nice tips, can probably teach a beginner to be a pro :D!

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