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Minecraft Seeds Showcases! [1.4.7] part : 1. :D

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Hello everyone today im going to make another blog which is a seed showcase. i will be posting this often so you guys can know :). I will classify the seeds based on the world it generates.


Ravine and Caves

1. Seed: 1855717849
Description: As soon as you spawn, walk to the right. you will find a ravine. Interesting biomes are there as well.

2. Seed: 8700829340959843130
Description: You will spawn in a grassland. Move to [x: 60, z:270] and there will be a huge crater which have irons and gold in it. it is connected to a ravine to :)

3. Seed: 3666440496532277820
Description: You will spawn on a snow biome. when you see a mountain, follow it and it will lead you to a massive cave system.

Temples and Villages

1. Seed: -647104972
Description: You will spawn between desert and grassland. On [x:133, z:345.] there will be a desert temple with some gold and irons in the chest. watch out for the TNT though.

2. Seed: Nub
Description: You will spawn in a normal grassland. climb up a small mountain in front of you and there will be village. The blacksmith there will have 3 oak sapling, 2 iron pickaxe, Iron chestplate and helmet, AND 3 DIAMONDS!. there is a small ravine if you walk pass the village.

3. Seed: 7476253151616855985
Description: you start off right in a village. the blacksmith there have an iron helmet, 8 irons and iron pickaxes. if you dig down from the village you will get into a nice cave system.

4. Seed: -671258039
Description: you will spawn in a jungle biome. from where you spawn, walk to [x: -390, z: 330]. although you walk a long way there, there will be a village there with potatoes for you to eat. the blacksmith there have 2 iron chestplates and 9 DIAMONDS!. want more?

you can see a desert temple near that village and it have bones,rotten flesh, irons,golds, 3 EMERALDS and 4 more DIAMONDS. worth the price for walking :).

5. Seed: 1672184498917379323
Description: you will spawn in a water (?). walk to [x:180, z:180] to go to a village with blacksmith that have 2 iron pickaxe, an iron helmet and some apples. take some carrots from them to :)

6. Seed: 7768551264047168149
Description: you will spawn right in a village which is dissapointing because it got no blacksmith. however, there is a desert temple at [x: -375, z: 250] which have 7 golds and 1 emerald.

7. Seed: TMM
Description: From where you spawn just walk straight forward and you arrive in a village with some stuffs. on the edge of the town there is a cave entrance.

8. Seed: Dossier
Description: you will spawn in a desert area. head to [x: -470, y: 70, z:-700] and you will be in a village. however that's not all, head to the ocean [x: -530, y:64, z: -818] and there will be a STRONGHOLD with only one room which is the portal room with the silverfish spawner.

Survival Island and Mushroom biomes :D

1. Seed: 41327148
Description: You will spawn in a small island with 1 tree. if your render distance is turn to far you can see a big island of mushroom biome. i grab a shear and shear all the mooshroom then kill them when they turn to cow and i end up with: 7 stacks of red mushrooms, 3 stacks of raw beef and 2 stacks of leather.

2. Seed: -26749372
Description: You will spawn in an island which is kinda big. In that island there will be a ravine with tons of minerals, abandoned mineshaft and a stronghold in there.

3. Seed: i dont care
Description: REMEMBER that you dont need to put the apostrophe. you will spawn in a jungle biome. right next to will be a mushroom biome with tons of cave and mooooshrooms XD.

4. Seed: Artomix
Description: capital 'A' ok? ;). this start you of in a jungle biome island. there will be small islands nearby. good challenge right?

Description: you will spawn in a very small island with no nothing. on [x: 420, z: 170] is the main land. i recommend you to grab some sapling and woods from the main land and go back to the tiny islands to be a survival island.

6. Seed: -1513243788792264072
Description: You spawn on your very own personal island, a good challenge since the seed only generates 2 trees. a cave is below the island FYI.

7. Seed: i hate no minecraft
Description: You spawn in an island with 1 tree and a cave. i prefer this seed for survival island instead of any other since this island is pretty big for 1 player.

8. Seed: 761901369131881790
Description: You start on one of two small islands with only 2 trees. below you is a double dungeon and a huge cave system


That's the end of the seed showcase :)
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03/12/2013 12:33 pm
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