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How You Can Make Your Own Robot In Minecraft Like I Did

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I built my very own robot in Minecraft and it works pretty well. For this blog, I will be explaining how you can make a Minecraft robot in bedrock edition.

Alright, the first thing I suggest to do to start your robot is to make the engine. The engine was the trickiest part for me when I building my robot. Once you get the hang of it, it get I easier from there. I’ll leave a link below for a video on the motor I used.

Next, I added the legs. At first I had a hard time attaching the legs to the engine, but it I soon realized that you can attach the legs by placing a piston on the side of the engine and then use slime blocks, redstone blocks, and more piston to complete the legs.

After that, I added the body and other legs. The easiest way to do this is to attach an observer facing into a sticky piston that pulls the rest of the machine.

So that is all about making a robot in Minecraft. Here are som skittle tips that might help when designing your own slime block robot.

1: Make sure to test your machine frequently. You don’t have to wait to test your machine until it is complete.
2: Try saving your work in a structure block so that you don’t have to completely rebuild the entire machine if it gets messed up.
3: Feel free time add a little bit of honey in the machine to take a large load off of some of the pistons.


- MCPE/Bedrock Motor

Thats all for this blog, leave comments below on what preferences you have on my blog. Don’t forget to leave a diamond and subscribe.

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